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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Angel Acres wants to wish you a very happy New Year with all the joy and blessings that life can bring...we are lucky to be able to rescue, rehab and rehome horses...its our passion and we live and breathe this stuff...everyday...

As a direct result of our family and friends, many, many lives have been saved that otherwise would have met a very brutal end...we are grateful for the support, love, outreach, volunteerism, donations of hay, feed, blankets, trailers, monetary donations and on and on and on we have received :o)

As we enter our 6th year of rescue...thank you...everyone...from all of us at Angel Acres...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009



What a windy day...lots to be done today...will be posting updates soon...horses moving in, out and all around...some returning from training, some getting forever homes...details to post soon!

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Holiday...This is Gee (adopted by Fran) saying..."I like the snow and love my Mom...let's ride!"

Updates will be posted tomorrow...ooohhhhh...and we still have one photo op left of the Christmas Cards for you...we are waiting for Lizzie (Angel Acres fantastic volunteer) to come and help us with our little surprise...due to wind we have to wait...but...we think you will like it!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Final Tree Picture - Thank You Everyone!

Big Thanks to everyone who helped decorate the Angel Acres Tree!

Kathy, Eric, Emily, Greg & Becky

Bernard & Jean



Anne B

Pat M

Chris R

Chris C



note the two cards at the bottom, they were made by Liv and Maggie Rose of New Hampshire (4 and 5 years old!)!!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holy Mackeral - Almost a tree update!!!

Hi Everyone! usual...its been crazy around here! LOL! We thought we would have a new photo and the last of the names up this afternoon...but we got in two very special cards from New Hampshire late this afternoon and we want to put those up so everyone can see them...sssoooo...the final tree photo and list of names will be up tomorrow about 11am...andddd....then we will have a surprise for you Saturday (now, those of you who wrote to me and know what it is....DONT TELL ANYONE LOL)...

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone...till tomorrow....


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Angel Acres Tree 6 Days Before Christmas!

WOW! Latest Tree update...we haven't been to post office today due to snow storm...but these cards came in yesterday...From:

Patrick, Marie, Sydney, Kelley, Holly & Dakota & Simba!

Mary Anne & Joe (their horses heard about our dollar tree and somehow they managed to get their little equine tooties on an evelope, manipulated a pen and sent us a card - thanks Sunday, Romeo, Jesse, Montana & Pharoah)

Amy, Monica & Holly



Cathy & Richard

Gail & Blaine

Forthman Family

Jim & Kathy

Andrea & Jon


Eastern Lebanon County High School
Eric, Lynne, Justin, Conner & Duncan

The Cook Family

The Forgette Family

Thank you everyone!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Tree Update!

This is from yesterday! We received more cards today, will post those tomorrow!

Newest cards received from:

Bill & Sherry
Gail & Eldon & Cole
Carol, Bob & Bryan

Big thanks to everyone for helping decorate our tree!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Padonia Station Event!

The Angel Acres 2nd Annual Padonia Station Fundraiser was a huge success! We had lots of people come and visit, eat dinner and bid on the silent auction times!! YEA!!

BIG BIG BIG Thanks to Fran Burns who worked tirelessly to make this event go off without a hitch! Working behind the scenes for 6 weeks, asking for silent auction items, driving around the state of MD to pick them all up, package them together, wrote, rewrote and rewrote again the entire list for the site and on and on and on...there really isn't enough space here to tell you everything Fran did for the rescue for this event. Fran works DAILY to help us with all aspects of the rescue... THANKS FRAN, WE LOVE YOU!

Big Thanks to Anne Carter who wrote to different organizations and businesses telling them about our event and asking them if they would like to donate items...we can happily say all but three of the businesses were happy to donate to our auction!

Thanks to Alyssa who helped Fran packaged up the items and ran to the store several times on "supply runs" and helped at the event!

And of course...big thanks to Debi Fowler and the Padonia Station Gang for having us back for a second year...we truly appreciate the kindness they have shown to us (and thanks Debi for the hay runs we ask you to make on 5 minutes notice lol)!!

Truly...we couldn't do what we do without the kindness, generosity and support of many, many people and it would be impossible to thank them all. We know we are very, very lucky to be able to run Angel Acres and save lives that would otherwise end horribly...for this...we are truly grateful.

And finally...big thanks to my husband, Greg Deibel, who puts up with lots of weird happenings on a daily basis (think Lucky and Ricky lol) and still comes home each night!!!!

Hugs from the entire Velvet-Nosed Gang at Angel Acres to everyone who helped make this a huge success for us!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Angel Acres Decorated Tree Update!

The newest cards have arrived!

They are from:


Fran F (Fran's Mom)


Sara (Natty's Mom)




Thanks to everyone who has sent a card...and there's still time to send one!

Have a great day everyone! We are getting ready for tonight's event at Padonia Station...woo hooo!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update on 5 Horses - Fantastic!

The horses listed in this post were pulled from the kill pen by Angel Acres and were rehomed by Royce's Rescue.

Royce's Rescue wanted to help some horses (they were already helping other animals) but didn't have quarantine facilities available...ssssoooo...they called us, and together we decided they could help save a horse by taking some of (one at a time) our guys who had already been through the Angel Acres program and were ready for adoption, allowing us to pull more while helping them get new homes!


Hi Jo,
I thought you might be interested in hearing about some of the horses we have gotten from you and the success they are having.

Vena is pretty much retired living the good life here with us.

Dee is living with her owner on a farm where she is doing theraupudic riding for handycap children!

Mocha's owner is a guy who is just crazy about him and his outgoing personality, still here with us. We call Mocha the barn greeter because he shakes his head at everyone that comes near him as if to say hello.

Ledger who was left to starve (Angel Acres saved him from going to NH after being left to starve in a field, after winning over $200,000 for his owner! His is one of our most popular happy ending stories) is fat and healthy and a wonderful horse for his middle age owner who continues to lesson and learn on him also still here.

And then there's Sissy. Sissy has taken her 54 year old owner to championship in our Associated Horse Show circuit. She is a wonderful horse and very talented and they too are still here with us. It's amazing what life these horses still have after being disguarded.

Royce's Rescue is doing well. Very busy as you well know. Hope all is well with you. Linda


Friday, December 11, 2009

Jake aka Garcon Duke - Update - WOW!!!!!

This is Alyssa on Jake aka Garcon Duke aka Fantastic Show Hunter !!

What an outcome for a "Rescue Horse"!

Thank you Coreen for all of your hard work training and reschooling Jake and helping him find his forever home!

Originally adopted out to Lisa and her family, her children needed a less spunky horse (whom they found through Coreen) and Jake was rehomed to Alyssa!

Fabulous Match, we think!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Newest picture of the Angel Acres Tree!!! Big Thanks to our latest card senders/tree decorators!

  • Georganne
  • Joan
  • The Coe Family
  • Brian
  • Edith (Grandmom Kearney!)
  • Mary
  • Annette
  • Dan
  • Vicki

The Tree is llloookkkinggg ggooooodddddd! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update on Cloud - Arabian Gelding - You may remember him...

Cloud is just one of over 40 horses assisted by Mattie's Legacy Fund!


Hi Jo,

For the past 2 months, I wanted to add an older horse to my very young herd, but had not searched at all. My intuition told me the right horse would come to me. So, when I saw your urgent email to find a home for Cloud and saw his picture, I knew he was it! Within the 1st hour of Cloud being on my farm, I was celebrating the fact of becoming a foster failure!

Since Cloud's arrival exactly 5 weeks ago, he's grown and changed in many ways.

First, his body has changed. His teeth had not been floated in at least 2 yrs (as estimated by my vet) so he had ulcers inside his mouth from the severe points on all arcades and a bottom tooth which was just sitting in the pocket. When this was lifted out (not connected anymore), a terrible stench came out and Cloud relaxed. Barely eating a flake of hay a day before because of his painful mouth, he now eats normal amounts.

His stools are also getting larger and larger. Cloud shows some mild signs of Cushings disease so I immediately took him off the sugary sweet feed. (None of my horses get grain so he doesn't feel left out). Cloud has been eating lots of free choice minerals, but in the last week his body is balancing. His coat is also changing and the crack in his one hoof is already growing out.

Cloudy came to us quite out of shape so each day he and I walk up and down the steep hill several times to strengthen his stifles and back. The walking is just as good for me as I can use some toning too! The many hills in our pastures along with the fact that his 3yr old and 6 yr old brothers constantly encourage movement and play!

Until last week, Cloud was quite unconfident. Until then, all of our sessions focused on building his confidence and trust in me as a leader. He used to walk ahead of me leading and not stop with me at all. Also, he'd get quite upset when separated from his foster brothers and even more so when they were out of sight so we worked on lots of thresholds and approach and retreat exercises. More than anything, I just gave him undemanding time each evening, where I would stand in the paddock with him while he ate hay, just doing nothing. In the 3rd week, he finally realized that not all people just want to jump on and ride. Now, he chooses to stand with his nose on my shoulder, sniffing my hair for several minutes instead of eat hay.

Our confidence building exercises made a breakthrough last Wed! Before then, he would only load onto the trailer if someone lead him on. Then, we had an amazing groundwork session, he walked on a bridge and with a gentle point towards the trailer, Cloud self-loaded! Since that session, he is totally glued to me, walking right at my shoulder and going anywhere calmly. His attachment and trust is now with me, not the herd or the barn! We then took our first trail ride for about 40 minutes.

This ride was only my 5th ride on him. Cloud was FANTASTIC!! We crossed a stream, walked up a steep hill with a fox and deer running across the field at dusk. Instead of spooking, Cloud stopped and looked to me for leadership! Very rewarding. Cloud was REALLY moving out at all gaits, not because he was scared, but because he was SO SO SO happy! We went through all the gates, he even offered a short gallop, which I took, but then brought him back down.

We've only ridden in a rope halter, no bits. I spent our first 4 riding sessions teaching Cloud one rein stops and to change gaits with my seat, not reins. So, when Cloud offered to gallop, I simply lifted one rein and he calmly came down to a halt and stood for several minutes with the reins draped on his neck.

Being a 25yr old Arabian, his energy level is still a great match with my youngsters! Cloud has a lot to teach me and I to teach him as well. With all the progress we've made over 5 weeks, I can't wait to share our progress with you over the months and years to come! Cloud has found his last home!

Thank you for connecting our lives and spirits,

Amy & Cloud

PS- The attached picture will allow you to see all the back muscle he's put on as well as a picture of Cloud with his brothers (Epoch was getting quite bored being asked to stand still for their picture!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation!

Big Thanks to The Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation! We have been awarded a grant to help feed the Angel Acres horses!!

We so appreciate this kindness and generosity - Big Hugs and lots of thanks to everyone at the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation!

We will be posting a page with info about the foundation soon! Hhhmmmm...since they helped us with feed...that must make them Angel Acres feed angels!! LOL!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

snow SNOW snow - AND THE TREE!

Tons of Snow today...bbrrrrrrr....the horses were NOT amused!

We have an update on the tree!!

Our latest cards have been put on the tree! They are from:

  • Linda, Lizzie and Ray - Fantastic Angel Acres Volunteer!

  • Josie - Fabulous Angel Acres State Fair Volunteer!

  • Carole (internet donation am working on her request - very cool - and will have those cards up tomorrow)

  • Denise

  • Audrey of Dover, PA

  • Kathy & Greg of Florida

  • Thanks for helping us help the horses by helping to decorate the Angel Acres Tree!

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Update on the Angel Acres Decorate Our Tree Fundraiser! - WOW!

    Well, today brought more cards!! YEA!!

    The Most Recent Cards Just In Are From:

  • Ann, Robert and Sarah
  • Mary Jo
  • The Gang At Stablemart, New Freedom, PA
  • The Berg Family of New Freedom, PA
  • Virginia, of well, Virginia!
  • Carmella & Rosemary
  • Lorraine & Bill

  • Tomorrow we will update with the states the cards are coming in from~ Thanks to everyone for making our Decorate The Angel Acres Tree Fundraiser a huge success so far...and its only day 3!!!