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Wednesday, February 22, 2012's CookBook Cafe iPad App!

Angel Acres

hr's CookBook Cafe iPad App!

February 22, 2012 - Glenville, PA

Happy Wednesday!

As you may know, Angel Acres has several cookbooks on and also on theCookBook Cafe iPad App. This fantastic app was inspired by's founder, Babette Pepaj's desire to help non profits raise funds via cookbooks and avoid the time consuming, labor intensive & costly investment usually needed to create and market a cookbook via standard publishing.

"In the past, independent authors and nonprofit organizations were forced to publish cookbooks that were modest in format or limited to a single technology platform, while distribution was usually limited to a small network of friends, family members and supporters," Babette added. "But Cookbook Cafe is about to change this model!"

The new CookBook Cafe iPad App is now available!

Check out this link to learn more: Cookbook Cafe information site

Do YOU want to create your own cookbook for the app? Simply click HERE.

One of the great things that Babette did by creating this app was allow groups like us (non profits, charities, schools, churches, etc) to creat our own fundraising cookbook (we hit up the family for recipes ;o) and then do a short video, a few pics and wal- lah (is that really a word?) we are up and running!

Click the CookBook Cover below to check out our recipes...SUPER big thanks to Babette, Erik and all of the folks at for this fantastic app!

Thank you for being a part of the Angel Acres Gang!

Jo Deibel :o)

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cee Cee & Leslie Happy Update!

Cee Cee was purchased by Kelly, a friend of Angel Acres, from the New Holland sale almost 3 years ago (site unseen she had gotten a call from the sale from a "friend" who told her about the mare).

The mare was supposed to be a "polo pony" in "great shape". Instead, she showed up in poor condition, overgrown mane & feet and with wounds on her body.

Kelly then called me a few weeks later, and told me the story - and asked if we could help find her a great home.

We agreed.

She went to Amy for foster training, then came back to Angel Acres for adoption.

Fast forward to today...this is Leslie and Cee Cee last month. Cee Cee was adopted out under the Angel Acres Dollar Program. There is no greater joy for a rescue then to get happy horse updates from our adopters!

Big hugs to Leslie for giving Cee Cee a happy new life!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


You may remember Pops The Mustangs' urgent situation - click HERE to read his original story.

He was in dire need of being rescued quickly. We posted that we needed help to get him to safety and lots of folks donated to get his transportation covered.

3 weeks ago the folks that agreed to take him went to go pick him did not go well. They spent over 2 hours trying to get him onto the trailer (basically he kept running into the woods).

Things went differently today, Carol - the fantastic lady who basically did all the leg work to get him into a mustang sanctuary - called a little while ago and left me a message that he was on the trailer (not happy about it, lol) but nonetheless on the trailer and headed to start his new life!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for your help with this sweet guy!! We cannot do what we do with you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Angel Acres Needs Help Raising Canadian Billboard

Angel Acres

Hay, We Need It!

Help Get Our Billboard Up in Canada!

donate to angel acres

You may have heard that Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter billboards are up around the country, now we have the opportunity to put a billboard in Canada! Thousands of American horses are shipped to Canada to be slaughtered each year - for a few dollars our horses are subjected to unspeakable horror and pain.

How could this be happening when millions of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter? WHY are our horses being shipped across the border to be brutally slaughtered to feed foreign consumers?

Simple, the pro slaughter lobby is a well funded machine thriving on the blood money of the accidental industry of brutality and horror - horse slaughter.

Proganda like this United Horsemen newsletter have helped allow this atrocity to occur. (See my reply to their original email to Angel Acres and their "rescue plans" - HERE.)

In my opinion, they have been able to package horse slaughter to the non horse savvy public to appear as a public service that benefits horses and provides a service to horse owners.

Horses suffer at every step of the process - from transport to killing floor - many anti slaughter websites have undercover video of the horrors & inhumane treatment taking place at slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.

We have been watching the hits to the billboards companion website Stop Slaughtering US increase DAILY everywhere there is a billboard up!

Horse slaughter is NOT harvesting, processing, rendering; it is horrifically and brutally slaughtering innocent horses who have given their lives (in more cases than not) for their owners.

The Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign is a grassroots effort designed to change that, one driver and one billboard at a time. This one is URGENT - PLEASE HELP by DONATING today!

We receive no federal, state or corporate funding for this awareness and now, even more important educational effort.

PLEASE help us raise the funds needed to this important board up, NOW!

You can click HERE to donate securely online to the campaign - Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization & all donations are tax deductible.

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Have a great weekend ahead and THANK YOU for helping us spread the word,

Jo Deibel :o)

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329


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