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Monday, January 20, 2014

Angel Acres attacked for running a good program...nice.

Someone took it upon themselves to post some erroneous and libelous stuff about Angel Acres via a FB page Equine Rescue Scams  that page is here --->>

Many of you know I am a BIG believer of being up front and we go. I have bolded their comment, my response follows.

"Who is running that billboard campaign?" That would be us, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, we are running the billboard campaign. ALL funds that went to put up billboards were donated from board sponsors who ASKED us to put one up or agreed to sponsor one - some paid for them directly some paid for them via fundraisers. NO funds for horses, hay, feed, grain, etc was used to put them up. We have or have had 50+ boards up in 38 cities / states and 5 in Canada.

Its a great campaign, check it out!

"Oh please that woman charges a lot of money for horse rescue horses". Well now...WHEN IS A DOLLAR BILL a lot of money?! This person knows absolutely NOTHING about our program, nothing. (ALL horses are Dollar Program horses).

So, for your reading pleasure --->>

HOWEVER, if we did charge a fee for them, it would be a reasonable fee since all of our horses are up to date on shots, feet, teeth, worming, etc are sound and trained to walk, trot, canter, jump and are incredibly well balanced and ridden on trails. WHO SAYS A RESCUE CANNOT CHARGE A FEE to try to recoup some of the costs incurred? (not including cost to pull from auction, transport, qt, etc)

Schrecky? REALLY? Her name is Sally Shcrock, never met the woman in person, but she has always been incredibly kind to me via fb and has helped with spreading the word about horses in need, etc.

Angel Acres postage is $51,938? Yes, it was. We mailed OVER 300,000 Bumper stickers (actually I think its more and will change this number as soon as I confirm it) that are identical to the billboard (and companion website) to help raise awareness about American horses being shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered, sent out flyers with information that we returned to appropriate folks to show support for anti horse slaughter  here in the United States, and we sent out slaughter booklets that  folks are sending back to us to deliver to Secretary Vilsack. (we've done more but you get the idea).

"No updates on Lexington?" Apparently the stalking skills were lacking, we JUST update him 2 days ago (he's been here 3 weeks).

"Check out those 990's" -  Would you prefer we got 10 horses in and then screamed and emotionally blackmailed our readers to help us pay for their feed & vet care.

Or maybe we should take in 40 horses with no way to feed them or scream how about "THE TRUCK IS COMING!!! YOU GIVE US MONEY TO BAIL THEM!!"...we won't do it.

We run the rescue as a business because it is a business...ONLY difference is it is volunteer based and we rescue horses in trouble not sell a product.

Only a coward hides behind a computer screen and berates someone they have never met about a program they haven't even researched. 

My only comment on this post was my name and phone number and an invitation to chat...I'm waiting.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

5th Annual Angel Acres Decorate the Tree Fundraiser Has Begun!!

Angel Acres

Hay, We Need It!hr
5th Annual Angel Acres' Decorate The Tree Event Has Begun!
December 2, 2013 - Glenville, PA
Our 5th Annual Angel Acres Decorate the Tree Event has started!
We were late sending out information due to other routine craziness and 2 cards have already arrived - unexpected - we have the best supporters, ever!
Thank you to Bernadette and her rescue dogs, Maggie and Willow and to Karen for starting us off this year (cards on tree below)!
As little as a $1 (even in today's economy) will help horses in dire need of that Holiday Cheer and a renewed life in the years to follow...How do you ask?...By reaching the masses...Many people donating just a little can help us change the lives of many horses in need.
Horses like London, this 30 year old boy was headed to auction simply because the owner had a baby. A free Craigs List ad with (paraphrasing as ad is no longer up) "free to anyone, must go in two weeks or going to auction". What a horrific way to treat an innocent, loyal, senior horse! And it just got worse...
The vet who pulled the Coggins for him (we covered all costs via vet of owners choosing, so he could come in to the rescue) actually called me to ask if we even needed the blood sent in because, "you know, in case you decide after seeing him you don't want him or he's just not worth it."
You can read his original rescue story here.
YOUR support makes a HUGE difference in the lives of the horses we touch each day. Please help fill our tree and the bellies of starving and neglected horses this holiday season.
Can you help us fill our tree and help horses in need?
If you would like to help us decorate our tree & help horses like London, send your card, with your holiday gift of a $1 or more and we will joyously post YOUR first name along with a photo of YOUR Card displayed within one of the many available branches via our daily blog updates!
If you would like to do even More...Consider being a Secret Santafor one of the many horses currently being cared for at our facility or asponsor for an incoming horse in need. The average cost to provide vet, farrier & dental care, hay, feed, blankets, etc., runs approximately $2500 annually per horse.
Please send your card to us at:
Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
THANK YOU for your help & have a super happy week ahead!
Jo :o)
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329


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Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc. | PO Box 62 | Glenville | PA | 17329

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Roberta Helps Horses & Families In Need With Angel Acres Goodies!

Angel Acres

Hay, We Need It!
Happy Sunday from Glenville, PA !
donate to angel acresA few days ago, Roberta emailed to let me know she wanted to purchase 10 of our Big Pumpkin loaves for families at the Bell Family Shelter in York, PA.
We were thrilled to let her know we would be tickled to bake and hand deliver our goodies to the shelter! This means that in addition to helping feed horses in need, she is helping 40+ folks have home baked goodies for Thanksgiving!
What an awesome WIN-WIN!!!!
Have you ordered from the Angel Acres Online Bake Sale website yet? Put your dessert baking feet up this holiday season and let us bake for you & help horses at the same time!
Fresh, homemade pumpkin loaves, apple cinnamon bread, red velvet cupcakes and more will be delivered right to your front door just in time for Thanksgiving Day!
All orders over $50 receive free shipping!
Help us help horses in need this holiday season and get awesome baked goodies at the same time!
Goodies like the apple loaf show below...

Help us help horses in need, get awesome home made desserts, what better way to help?! Be sure to lace your order by November 20, 2013.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email and please share with others and help us get the word out about our bake sale!
Have a super happy weekend ahead,,
Jo Deibel :o)
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329

Friday, October 25, 2013

Charlotte, 6 Year Old Saves her Money to Help Horses...

Recently we received a handwritten note & donation from a lovely young lady named, Charlotte.

She writes with a little help from mom, "My name is Charlotte and I am 6 years old. I have been saving my money to help the horses. When I grow up I am going to be a vet that helps horses and other animals.

How are the horses? I like how you help the horses.

From Charlotte"

It is days like this that make us smile...I imagine the toys or candy she could have bought with her money...instead this generous little girl chose to help us help horses instead. Priceless.

We will be sending her a thank you card, an Angel Acres coloring book and a few pics of the gang!

Visit us online - 

Her letter is pictured below...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

WHY on Earth are your horses free to good home?!

We get asked this A LOT...and we're finally gonna put it out to the general public.

First, what does "FREE to Angel Acres APPROVED home" mean, exactly?

Click HERE for the answer and information on our Dollar Program Horses.

Our horses are free to approved home because we want to place them quickly into good homes so we can rescue more horses. When there is a fee that greatly reduces their chances of adoption. We used to have adoption fees (and there are TONS of good rescues that charge adoption fees, we simply have chosen to hold other events, fundraisers, etc that offset those fees) but realized it didn't matter whether someone paid $500, $2500 or $5000 the SAME exact situations (causing return of horse) occurred at all adoption fee levels.

You might be thinking, "Holy COW!! They are just giving horses away to anyone who shows up!!"

There IS a financial investment on the part of adopter - after they fill out application (it is thoroughly screened) are approved for adoption and adoption contract is signed - they are REQUIRED to use a hauler of our choosing. We use specific haulers that are essentially our eyes on the ground & will return the horse to us if property / adopter / whatever is not legit, etc. 

EXAMPLE: We don't allow barbed wire fencing to house our horses. If potential adopter states they have no barbed wire on application, but hauler gets there with horse, and barbed wire is present, horse comes back to Angel Acres. It really does goes down just like that. (That's just ONE example of what could cause a return haul)

ALL Dollar Program horse are up to date on everything, yes everything. Shots, feet, teeth, worming, Coggins, etc .

ALL Dollar Program horses are being schooled on the flat and over fences until they day they leave.

We work VERY hard to make a good match between horse and adopter. We are as thorough as we can be without being "Super Stalker Detective Rescue".  

You will never be stuck with an Angel Acres horse. If we can't accept them back at the moment you should need to return them (we hope that never happens but we aware that we are not in Lollipop Land of Fairies and Glitter & forever happy endings sometimes turn into "happy for now - till happy ending can be found") we will remote place them, board them out...whatever it takes to ensure our horses are safe, happy and healthy.

We will NEVER turn away our own horse, ever.