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Monday, January 20, 2014

Angel Acres attacked for running a good program...nice.

Someone took it upon themselves to post some erroneous and libelous stuff about Angel Acres via a FB page Equine Rescue Scams  that page is here --->>

Many of you know I am a BIG believer of being up front and we go. I have bolded their comment, my response follows.

"Who is running that billboard campaign?" That would be us, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, we are running the billboard campaign. ALL funds that went to put up billboards were donated from board sponsors who ASKED us to put one up or agreed to sponsor one - some paid for them directly some paid for them via fundraisers. NO funds for horses, hay, feed, grain, etc was used to put them up. We have or have had 50+ boards up in 38 cities / states and 5 in Canada.

Its a great campaign, check it out!

"Oh please that woman charges a lot of money for horse rescue horses". Well now...WHEN IS A DOLLAR BILL a lot of money?! This person knows absolutely NOTHING about our program, nothing. (ALL horses are Dollar Program horses).

So, for your reading pleasure --->>

HOWEVER, if we did charge a fee for them, it would be a reasonable fee since all of our horses are up to date on shots, feet, teeth, worming, etc are sound and trained to walk, trot, canter, jump and are incredibly well balanced and ridden on trails. WHO SAYS A RESCUE CANNOT CHARGE A FEE to try to recoup some of the costs incurred? (not including cost to pull from auction, transport, qt, etc)

Schrecky? REALLY? Her name is Sally Shcrock, never met the woman in person, but she has always been incredibly kind to me via fb and has helped with spreading the word about horses in need, etc.

Angel Acres postage is $51,938? Yes, it was. We mailed OVER 300,000 Bumper stickers (actually I think its more and will change this number as soon as I confirm it) that are identical to the billboard (and companion website) to help raise awareness about American horses being shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered, sent out flyers with information that we returned to appropriate folks to show support for anti horse slaughter  here in the United States, and we sent out slaughter booklets that  folks are sending back to us to deliver to Secretary Vilsack. (we've done more but you get the idea).

"No updates on Lexington?" Apparently the stalking skills were lacking, we JUST update him 2 days ago (he's been here 3 weeks).

"Check out those 990's" -  Would you prefer we got 10 horses in and then screamed and emotionally blackmailed our readers to help us pay for their feed & vet care.

Or maybe we should take in 40 horses with no way to feed them or scream how about "THE TRUCK IS COMING!!! YOU GIVE US MONEY TO BAIL THEM!!"...we won't do it.

We run the rescue as a business because it is a business...ONLY difference is it is volunteer based and we rescue horses in trouble not sell a product.

Only a coward hides behind a computer screen and berates someone they have never met about a program they haven't even researched. 

My only comment on this post was my name and phone number and an invitation to chat...I'm waiting.

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