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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Token Has A Home With Repeat Adopter :o)

This is Flynn and Lilly!

They were adopted by Emilio and Loretta Capobianco way back in early 2005 and have been living a great life...sadly, Emilio's horse Brutus (quarter horse) passed away suddenly about 3 weeks ago, he had been with Emilio since he was 3 and he passed away at age 21.

Emilio he had seen the Angel Acres newsletter looking for a home and gave me a call. Don't tell anyone but I was SSOOO excited because I knew that this would be an amazing forever home for Token and I was trying to play it cool, but inside I was THRILLED because I knew this was a GREAT match and when he said, "well, Token will have a forever home here with us, if you'd like us to adopt him". I could NOT have been happier!

Token is a super duper nice boy and he will make this family incredibly happy! He is now pending adoption to The Capobianco family and will head to his new home in the next week or two. Super duper big thanks to the family for adopting their 3rd Angel Acres horse...

Interesting tidbit - click here - Flynn was sold as the highest selling yearling in Texas and West Point Thoroughbreds (breeder) stepped up to the plate the minute we called to tell them that we had pulled him from the kill pen. You won't believe the photo and details that goes along with that story...

Flynn and Lilly - (Reg Names - Mr Campbell Sir & Patsy's Baby)

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