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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Angel Acres Observations - Meeting a Friend!

1) If you are dressed to go out with a friend you haven't seen in quite awhile - a horse WILL need to have some huge, gigantic insect swiped from his or back. Said insect will be in a location that one can not reach from outside the stall or fence. This will require opening the stall and a grateful horse, once having said bug removed WILL nuzzle your brand spanking new white shirt, usually after consuming so much water that it will run out of their mouth during said nuzzle.

2)If you are heading up the driveway, already late for said event, someone of the equine persuasion will watch you head up the driveway, turn to look at his or her tummy area and then look back at you. You will creep up the driveway, slower...waiting...and SURE ENOUGH the "oh, you're getting ready to and I MIGHT have a tummy ache" looks appears on said horses face....You hop out of truck, do the carrot test, listen to the belly, etc...and OF COURSE the belly brushes up against your nice, clean white shirt...sigh...and said horse walks off as if you were bothering him or her!

3) If you manage to get past one horse field without any of the above will invariably get to field number 2...which WILL have some member of your Velvet-Nosed Gang laying in a prone position, looking like the world is ending in roughly two minutes. You SPRINT from your truck, yelling horses name, repeatedly, to which there is no reaction AT ALL...UNTIL you throw open the gate (After pulling off a muddy - because it has more than likely just rained - latch usually, and ruining your clean outfit) still calling horses name...then you see it...the ear flicker & head starts to rise...this usually happens only after a change of clothes is needed and your heart is pounding out of your ears...and horse looks at you like..."What??!?!!"

More observations later...sigh...and yes...I have to go out this morning!! LOL!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Todays Newsletter is Todays Blog Post!

Click Here for Todays Blog/Newsletter Post!

For some reason I can't seem to copy and post like I normally do...its a cool newsletter too...ugh...

Click the link above, please and I will keep working on it!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rescue Trucks Tire Ripped Off During Hay Run!

We are sorry for the delay in posting our blog...we have a great blog for Bernie adopted by a fabulous family in Western, PA...that will be tomorrows blog...but we wanted to let you know why we are

We are WAY behind due to the truck's tire being ripped off the other night while hauling hay. What a nightmare that was...but luckily we are all ok and no one was injured.

Big thanks to Ray at TNT Towing for towing the truck to Scotty's Tire and to Pat & Her family for the unending help they have given us with our hay efforts...she came to tow the trailer home.

When the tire came off we had to sit in the middle of Route 194 - till 9:30 at night or so, unload hay onto the side of the road, have Pat come and pick us up and then reload the hay onto her truck, rehook the trailer once Ray from TNT towed the truck away and then went to Pat's place and unloaded three truck loads of hay and the trailer. Then Pat drove Greg and I home...

Big Thanks to EVERYONE who helped us get home safely.

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You can vote for 20 different charities if you want, as well. But, only one vote for each group!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fox 43 Visit's Angel Acres For Drew Johnsons 48 by 48 Stop!

Well, I have to say, that Drew Johnson was totally awesome! I don't just mean that his work mucking stalls was fabulouso (but it was lol) or the grooming job he did on Stanley Bead was amazing (but it was) but that he was truly an awesome person!

He is following his passion, volunteering to help others, using his physical and computer abilities to help charities across the nation. We were honored to have Drew here today, he will be back tomorrow to volunteer again, and we will surely miss him when he moves onto his next state (don't worry we already have dibs on him if he does 48 By 48 The Second Round or

Click HERE to watch the video.


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Help us help horses that are bound for slaughter, are starving or have been abused and/or abandoned!

Horse rescues have THE LARGEST cost per animal saved than any other companion animal rescue type on average, yet horse rescues get the LEAST amount of funding. PLEASE HELP!

Please repost and share, too!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

TONS OF HAY, HAY, HAY and More Hay!!

Today was a long hay day!!!

It was an all girl hay day too!!

Pics recovering from the heat and numerous hay days...

Thanks everyone for helping us...we have just a few more hay days left...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When the truck is empty...sigh...we STILL need you...

What happens AFTER the truck is coming turns into the truck is empty? And now there are real live to save?

Rescues need help AFTER the SAVE...we need to care for the horses after we get them...that means quarantine board, then transport, coggins, feet, teeth, deworming, feeding, etc...

There is absolutely no glory or excitement in paying the feed bill or the vet...but there IS glory in seeing a once starving horse (like Bandito at left) being fed and getting healthy. We need YOUR help making those amazing and exciting before and after stories.

What does this mean? It means our grain bill runs at LEAST $2000 per month...we need help with that...Quarantine board is $250 per month, ditto...Vetting one single horse is about $150 to $200 on average...and on and on...please don't forget helping rescues after the save!

Angel Acres does not normally (we have on occasion for super duper emergency situations, I think 3 times over 6 years) raise funds to the tune of the "truck is coming" we do have a slaughter/rescue fund for going to auction if people want to donate way BEFORE the auction.

Please consider helping with our day to day care - its just as important as the slaughter fund...and will help us keep helping horses like Bandito!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update: Lucky Day AKA Tex!

This note is from his Mom, Tori (We LOVE Happy Endings like this...not bad for a once slaughter bound horse)

Hey, I just wanted to let you know how Tex is doing. Tex is not at all the lowest in the herd. He has made his way to the very top. He plays like crazy with one of the horses in his field.

He loves having a field full of more mares then geldings. We have been working a lot in the ring.

Working on bending, flexing work, slowing down. Recently we've been throwing in the jumps and he cleared about 3'3' vertical (I have a couple videos). I was planning on taking him to a local show but it got canceled because of weather.

We have also been doing a lot of trial rides (western). He now crosses water/mud crossings, and enjoys the creek. I will take him down with a bunch of other horses and once one horse starts splashing and playing he definantly jumps in.

He is now really comfortable with crazy kids,goats,pigs, alpacas,and cows.

Overall things are going great and hes very happy :) and so am I

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hay Day is TOMORROW! Meeting in Hanover at 7:30am

We are meeting at 7:30 at the Hanover Bowling Center off of Route 194 - if you have a truck and would like to help us move hay, please let us cell is 717-965-7901 or you can email me at

Thanks everyone!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This strapping down job on the hay we just had donated is the reason Amy is coming to help us on Sunday!!


This hay is FABULOUS!! Fed it to the pickiest horses at the rescue and they ate it up!

I didn't realize just how bad the strap down job was till I actually looked at the photos...we had to use bungie cords, some crazy knot I learned in Brownies (not kidding) and some other weird apparatus just to get it home...this is also a borrowed trailer...yikes!

Thanfully Hannah was here to help stack it, because the gentleman (that is the husband half of the Hay Fairies that donated the hay to us), fell out of the hay loft and broke his arm about 10 minutes into us stacking and stuff.

He also got banged up and need a stitch or two...I called a little while ago and spoke to the wife half of the Hay Fairies and she said he was resting...we feel so badly for him and hope he makes a swift recovery. We kinda feel even worse cause they are gonna have to up with our crazy gang till we get all 3000 bales out of their b arns!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angel Acres Gets Huge Hay Donation - Need Storage Help!!!

Great News For The Angel Acres Horses!

We received a HUGE donation of hay today!

We have been offered 3000 to 4000 bales of hay...this would take care of our hay for an ENTIRE year!

We need help with moving and storage...the hay is located just outside of Hanover, PA and we need to move it as soon as possible.

This is the help we need if anyone can offer any assistance to us we would love you forever :o)

We need some help moving the hay from its location onto trucks and/or trailers.

We need people with trucks and/or trailers who can let us use the trucks or bring the truck and let us load it onto the truck to move the hay. Our big truck is broken down and will probably not start again (its 20+ years old).

We need a place to store it...either a couple hundred bales in the area or 1000 whatever you can offer is FABULOUS!

Please write to us or call us at 717-965-7901 if you can help us!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cup O' Cuddles

Jazmyn and Vegas (formely Cup O Cuddles) wins Reserve Champion (for their division) at The MerryMount Horse Show on June 6, 2010.

Talk about being in the ribbons they also won:

One first.
Two seconds.
Three thirds.

Not bad for a "rescue horse"

Big thanks to Jazmyn and Vegas for helping us spread that word that rescue horses can be and are fantastic show horses and for helping us to dispel the myth that rescue horses are old, weak, sick, injured or lame!!

They are an amazing team!! WOO HOO!

Congratulations, Jazmyn and Vegas!

HHmmm...with days like this, I sure hope Jazmyn has a ribbon wall all picked out!!

Big hugs to you from all of us at Angel Acres.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Manure Spreader AKA Poopy Holder Machine - Update!

Well, today is the 4th time we have used the manure works GREAT!! One of our readers, Linda a very kind lady who is a big supporter of Angel Acres, wrote today and asked about it. I had posted some info on Facebook, but forgot to do a blog post, I think! YIKES!!!

Here are pictures of the newer model spreader we were able to purchase thanks to the generos support of our readers. Our spreader was a 1938 model that survived 6 years at the rescue...this one is a 1955 model and is super spiffy when compared to the dinosaur we were using!!

Big thanks to Rose at the York Daily Record...she posted our need for a manure spreader in the community section of the newspaper and after reading the article, Cathy of Glen Rock donated her used, albeit broken, spreader to us (too small for us to use).

But, once Greg fixes it, we will sell it and put those funds towards a new (HA, ha, we use that word VERY loosely around here!!! LOL) tractor. Ours is a 1951 - Ford 8N Tractor - anything post 1960 will be new for us. The PTO spinner thingy petered out and we need one that works, so that's our next project...we need it for TONS of things around the rescue, one of them being pulling the spreader!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remember Thunder? Check him out today!!!

Thunder was partnered with Baby Girl and needed to be placed as fast as humanly possible. He was rescued once by the owners...he was found tied to a tree and was a colt at 18 months old when found.

He was taken in by the family and was taken care of, but not much handling due to time constraints. He was basically unhandled when the owners found him. Fast foward three years...The owner lost her job and needed to have Thunder placed quickly.

We used Mattie's Legacy Fund to help keep Thunder in the home until a suitable foster or adoption home could be found.

I posted his needs and his photo...he wasn't very photogenic and his photo left A LOT to be desired...but Jennifer had seen something in that photo that made her call and email me...and basically, the applications filled out and sent to you, when do I get to take care of him?! I was like...well, we usually talk to you first and tell you about the horse, see if it's a match, etc...she didn't need all that (but we gave it to her anyway! LOL!)...and the rest, as they say...well...

see for yourself the before and after photos!

Thunder 1 week after arrival...

Thunder, today!
Super duper big thanks to Jennifer for stepping up to the plate and helping this guy get the chance at life he deserves!
You TOTALLY rock, Jennifer!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hay Day!! WOO HOOO!!!!! Thanks To Fran & The Gang!!!

Bob, of Monkton, MD., donated hay to us last was FABULOUS hay and the horses loved it. I wrote Bob a thank you card and wished him a fantastic summer and told him how much the horses liked his hay (there was NOTHING left of it anywhere once it went into the stalls and fields). Then went about regular rescue business....

A few weeks ago Fran gets a call from Bob...she calls me..."oh my gosh Jo, Bob wants Angel Acres to have ALL of his hay!"...I'm like..."get the heck outta here, Fran!" But, it was, that left Fran with the task of finding somewhere to park the hay after it was baled and taken out of the fields, wagons to borrow to store the hay and on and on and on...655 bales of hay in total!!!

After much hard work by many people...we have the hay sitting in Chris' barn and the rest is being stored in another off-site building. This would not have been possible without a HUGE amount of team work and some serious fancy footwork on Fran's part!!!

Big Thanks To:

Fran - she always manages to pull it off - no matter what crazy idea we come up with!!!

Chris who arranged to get the hay unloaded and stacked for us! (not an easy task, at all!!)

Dave who helped with wagons and other hay related stuff to make this happen.

Bob - who is SO getting an awesome thank you card and some of my pumpkin bread this holiday season!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 Thoroughbreds STILL need Help they are FREE to good Home!



There are currently 17 TBs in need of a home. The owner has been trying for months to sell and give away these horses and is frustrated. He needs to vacate the facility he is at, and his hands are tied.

If you can make a solid commitment and offer a real home, please call him ASAP. Donald Jones at 845-591-7697. Horses are in Westtown, Orange County, NY and will need to be trailered. Right now they are FREE and clean of infectious diseases - they probably won't be if they end up at auction - and then there will be fees to get them out.

The owner has 10 days to completely move out - he will not send them to auction if people will speak for them and come get them! (I don't think he has a trailer or TIME to trailer them all over).

The horses are scheduled to go to auction tomorrow (June 2nd) between 6-7am. - of the 17, 6 are mares with foals by their sides and 5 straight mares.

We (Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue) were contacted last night as well and we are full (no one scheduled to leave for a couple of weeks & we cant put clean horses at a qt farm) so we are helping to spread the word MINUS the Sharon Crumb info, she is not a legitimate rescue in my opinion and I stay far, far away from her...but I do want to help get this gentleman's horses here is the remaining list...

Here's a list of the mares and foals ( 2 unbred mares are spoken for but we are unsure which ones right now.)

Peaceful Dawn 2002 - 5/10 colt didn't know if he had papers or not, but registerable colt.

1990 Andover Ally - colt 5/16 papers misplaced, foals are registerable

2001 Celestial Touch - 4/8 colt yes papers

2005 Midnight Service - 4/20 filly yes papers

2003 Star Valley - 5/1 filly yes papers

2002 TC Blue Eyes - 5/20 colt - papers not readily available

1990 Seattle Slew Mare, bred, but not checked - papers

1991 Looney Moon - lost her colt, she's open yes papers

1990 Slew five Oh - not reproductively sound - papers

Elegant Angel - sound, cribber, only one of the bunch 1999. Potential for riding horse. Uncomplicated. 16H Big boned, nice mare. Papers might be at racing office, but not in his possession. Foals are registerable.

3 mares with hind end issues - 1991 Janitrix, 1996 Noble Satin Doll, 1992 (didn't get the name, cell dropped the call). He said they are not riding candidates - companion only or broodmares. One is a stakes producer, one has an incredible family. Cannot be field kept, will need TLC. No papers in hand at this time, but all foals can be registered.

Best way to find out all the information on horses is to CALL DONALD - he knows better than us about UTD shots, Coggins, worming, dental, vices, etc of specific horses! If you want to speak for one or more, again, CALL DONALD - he actually knows which of the horses are still available!

Contact info again is:

Donald Jones (owner) - 845-591-7697

Thanks for any help!