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Monday, November 24, 2008

Super Nationals aka Super National aka Natty Boh!

Are you ready for a 17+ hand Christmas package of love?!

Call Today for more info!

Thank you for reading!

Jo & Patty

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Angel Acres Response to a Yahoo Question...

One of our readers sent us a link to a yahoo question asking about rescue horses...after reading some of the other answers, I felt I should answer...


I run Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue and was reading some of the replies to your question. So, I am going to clarify some of the HUGE misconceptions about rescue we go...hang on!

1) Not ALL rescue horses have emotional or physical probs. We rescue sound, SANE, healthy thoroughbreds...their only vice...not fast enough to earn their keep.

2) Not ALL adoptalble horses are loans. We transfer ownership of our horses, with the exception of 3 horses over 5 years, and you are able to show, event, lease, sell (we do get first right of refusal) etc with your horse.

3) Adoption fees are not cheap and not expensive. They run anywhere (for our rescue) $1800 to $2500 on average. All horses are up to date, professionally evaluated and I personally hand pick each horse and adopter match...250+ matches and still going.

4) Make sure your seller or rescue facility will stand behind their horses. PERIOD. I cant tell you how many calls and emails I get asking where so and so rescue person is cause they sold them a bad horse, sick horse, not a match horse, etc.

5) Ask for references from your rescue, we want them from you, you have the right to ask to! And your best bet is to call another rescue, humane officer or spca agent and ask what they think of rescue so and so.

6) Rescues horses can and do make great first, second, third horses!

7)A horse that was bound for auction and/or slaughter has almost no shot at getting a private home. Your adoption from a REPUTABLE agency frees up another spot for another horse in need.

8)We survive on grants, adoption feed, donations and fundraising and volunteers.

9)Finally, thoroughbreds get a bad, undeserved rap! Only a small number of the 50,000 tbs bred each year ever make it to the track. They have to be able to run in a herd in a straight line and respect the horse and riders next to them. They have to be able to be squeezed in a lil box with a tiny rider on them and not flip out. They have to be intelligent and well mannered (most of the time)An OTTB allowed to be let down properly (they are stalled about 23 hours out of 24 per day) can usually turn into a wonderful horse!

We have horses adopted out from PA to Hawaii and everywhere in between, including Canada!

Thank you for wanting to help a horse in need.

If you would like other info please give me a call or drop me an email.

Have a happy day!Jo :o)

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
Phone: 717-965-7901
Fax: 866-892-5069
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Angel Acres Honored with SPCA Award!

Angel Acres was honored with an award from the Adams County SPCA for making a difference in the lives of horses. We are honored to receive this award...we had no idea we were even being considered for anything! LOL!

We work pretty closely with the Adams County SPCA and are honored to do so. They have an amazing group of people working at and volunteering with them. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to those who thought so much of the work we do, to take the time to honor us at their Fall Gala!

Pics to follow soon!

Luvie & Other Brief Updates!

I am sorry for the delay in getting the blogs out. My son has been going through some medical issues and we have been running ragged between docs and tests and moving horses around and all that jazz!! I will be more prompt in the future!

Luvie is doing great in his new home with Jenna and Russ. Jenna told me last night that Luvie just absolutely adores Russ and comes running whenever he sees him! We love happy endings like that, she will also be sending us a picture of him soon. She has been taking great care of him and she said his coat is AMAZINGLY shiny!! We are so happy for Luvie and his new family!!

Boo Boo Baby is coming back into Angel Acres from his 3 months of foster training and already has a showing scheduled. Wonderful family that has been waiting for just the right horse...we think Boo Boo may be the one!

Miss Kitty...we will have video of her on Weds...well, we will have it on Tues, but everyone knows I could get lost in a shoe box so I will say Weds to be safe! LOL! She is doing great and Libby will ride her and we will post that video with her listing.

Hay Hay continues to thrive in his foster home with Catherine!

We have 2 new horses coming in from just down the road and will be listing those guys asap...

Finally..,keep your eyes peeled for the Calories of Love Crew,..our newest available hores...

Cup O' Cuddles
Cinnamon Swirl
Butterfinger Baby
Chocolate Truffles

Pics will be up soon!!

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on Hayley aka Hay Hay

Hi Jo, I had to email you and tell you about Hayley and my great adventure today!

I went to the barn this afternoon to ride and there were a bunch of people and kids running around, but Hayley was cool as a cucumber. Turns out they were all going on a trail ride. Everyone thought Hayley was adorable and wanted us to join them. I wasn't sure if I was a good idea, after all, walking around an arena is much different than walking around the Gettysburg countryside. But they quickly convinced me such the weather was beautiful and we would only be walking.

So Hayley and I decided to go and while everyone was in the best western gear, we looked like we were going foxhunting! There were about 10 horses on the ride for an hour and a half tour through the trails. We were second in line, behind a little paint who had obviously done this before. Within the first moments a horse behind us acted up. We were walking by a big pasture and the horses in the pasture started galloping. As all the experienced trail horses got jittery, Hayley remained cool, calmed, and collected, not at all phased by the other horses' shenanigans.

A while later, the girl in front of us asked if Hayley liked the water. "Well I don't know" I said, "he likes to drink it." Following that we arrived at a sizeable creek that had to be crossed in order to continue the trail. I knew for sure I had a serious problem. No way this racehorse would walk right into the knee deep water!!

But Hayley proved me wrong once again, taking one look at the creek, he swiftly waded in and had a blast! He walked around in the water and he put his nose it in (but believed it too unsanitary for drinking). I thought perhaps he was in fact a quarter horse, not a thoroughbred like you told me since his temperament was more level headed than the actual trail horses! We continued walking around gorgeous fields and Hayley soaked up all the sights, sounds, and sun.

On the return voyage, somehow we had become first in line, leaders for the entire group. At that point I called Hayley "General Hayley", an appropriate name for a horse in Gettysburg, espe cially one who so willingly lead the troops. It's easy for a horse not to spook when a horse is in front of him, but when he leads the way, he needs to be brave. As the people in the back grumbled about their unruly horses, I couldn't help but chuckle that they fact that the thoroughbred was the best of them all!

When we came to the creek for the second time, Hayley didn't have a horse in front of him to coax him in, but he tip toed through the mud into the creek without asking any questions. We safely lead the group back to the farm and no doubt Halyey earned his rank as "General" and trail master.

Today was a wonderful experience for Hayley and certainly should help his adoptability, since he is comfortable on trails and with large groups of horses.

Thank you so much!

Catherine and "General" Hay Hay

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Showy Update!

Showy is now living in her new home with Desiree!

She is settling in well and Desiree will send us pics as soon as possible!

We are glad that she is doing so well, just think this mare was once destined for slaughter, now she is going to be a beloved family member!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update for Stormy!

This just in from an email from Martha, Stormy's new mom!

We turned him out with the other horses today. He's been so calm since Jackie brought him down, it's amazing. There are two other horses that he'll be sharing a pasture with, and neither one of them seemed to be bothered by the fact that he was turned out with them. They all just kept to themselves! Looks like they've already become buds!!

Thanks again for doing what you do so that I can have a dream of mine come true!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hayley Update!!


Hi Jo, I finally got the pictures of Hayley on my computer but now I'm having trouble emailing them. Most of them are just of him enjoying the good life in his paddock. We found that he got really "groupie" with those horses, so we've been turning him out by himself and will introduce new horses, that way he won't get too herd bound.

But for now, he's king of the hill in his huge paddock, he eats grass and watches over all the farm activities. He has settled down so much, it's simply unbelievable.

He was doing so well in his stall and grooming, I decided it was time for him to start working. I took him into the indoor a couple days ago with the intention of lounging him for about a week or so before riding him. Well I hand walked him in there for about 10 minutes so he could relax, he was quiet as a mouse.

Unfortunately, I learned that lounging was not his forte. He was already tacked up so I figured I had nothing to lose and just got on him. All we did was walk around, and he was so good. It was very windy out, but none of the sounds scared him at all. So I've just been riding him.

Eventually we started trotting, and with the nice weather, we can ride outside. Today it was beautiful out and so we were rode outside. He was so calm and relaxed that I thought we would take the plunge and canter. I was prepared for the worst...

Jo, I couldn't believe it, the minute I asked him to pick it up the canter he did it immediately, no fight or anything. He picked up the correct lead both times and had such a lovely canter, super smooth. I know he's out of shape, so we didn't do too much, but I was really impressed. Most race horses are a mess as the canter, it's just not really something they do at the track. He was super responsive to my aids, I couldn't be happier!

He looks healthy and sound and has become a favorite among everyone at the farm. He loves the attention! He still gives me some trouble going in his stall, but I think it's a combination of scary shadows and that he rather be outside eating grass.

Nothing too concerning. I need to touch up his mane, but I think he likes his new hair-do!