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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue
Glenville, PA
Angel Acres Halloween Updates

It's been a busy month for the Angel Acres volunteers! Mattie's Legacy Fund continues to assist horse owners in need of help due to financial or other hardships. Due to the fabulous support we have received for Mattie's Fund, 32 horses are safe and will not be headed to auction!

We will be posting their stories on Matties Blog as soon as possible...working to save lives leaves little time to blog about doing it!

We want to thank Fran Burns and Dustin's Dreamer for their wonderful support of the Angel Acres Gang & Mattie's Legacy Fund! For every blue ribbon won, Fran donates $10 to our rescue fund...well, Dreamer was winning like crazy and we were able to save Lucky Day from a very unlucky fate, as a direct result of Fran and Dreamer.

Fran goes way above and beyond the call of duty for Angel Acres every single day...big hugs from the entire Velvet-Nosed Gang & us non-velvet noses too!

Big thanks to Joni Solis at A Love for Horses ~ & Horse-Logos ~
for designing our logo, constantly answering my sometimes silly questions and being a supporter of Angel Acres! Be sure to check out her awesome work!

If you are looking for Horse Logos and Equine Graphics for web and print, look no farther than Joni!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

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Above is the view (seats are actually closer to field then depicted) from this section.

Click here for more info or to purchase a raffle ticket. All proceeds from this raffle go towards Mattie's Legacy Fund!
Gift Store is Now OPEN!

The Angel Acres Shoe Store is now open! Be sure to check out the newest shoes and we will be adding some new items this coming week. The shoes make great gifts for family and friends...and help us help the horses.

Be sure to check out the store today!
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Thank you for being a part of the Angel Acres gang!

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, Pennsylvania 17329
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
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Be sure to check out the raffle we have for the Ravens VS Steeler's Game in Baltimore, MD on November 29, 2009!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Mattie's Fund Helps Another Gelding in need...

Adorable Bay Gelding - Bobby Too aka Tee - is safe and sound thanks to Mattie's Fund! Will post pictures as soon as they arrive from the foster home...

We work quietly in the background to assist horse owners and horses in need and horse in danger of going to slaughter. We do NOT post details or info until horses are be sure to watch for our next newsletter.

We have been helping so many horses that I am going to post a complete list on Mattie's Blog...we could not do this withour support from the for more updates and news!!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009


There are two horses in desperate need of homes, they have been assisted by Mattie's Legacy Fund, but the barn manager decided they needed to leave now, instead of in two months, as we were told!

Mattie's Legacy's Bridge The Gap Fund has paid for their Coggins, shots, vet...we were planning to place them, but not with such short notice!

We are looking for a home or even foster care for Belle and Cloud, an 8 year old gorgeous Dark Bay TB mare and 25 year old flea bitten grey Arabian. Below is the email info from owner:

"Belle is an 8 year old thoroughbred mare. She stands 15.3H last time measured. Belle has been ridden English and has the smoothest gates i have ridden.I would consider her slightly green broke. She would excel in dressage and with little training would be a great show horse. She is a sweet horse..."

Cloud (grey gelding shown above) is a 25 year old Arabian. He is 15.1H and flea-bitten gray. He loads, ties, and clips. He will pretty much do anything you ask if he trusts you. He is a great trail horse and will go any where. Cloud is a big sweetheart. Almost anyone can ride him on trails."

They are located 30 minutes North of Harrisburg PA. Please write to me directly at or call me at 717-965-7901 if you can help in anyway.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mattie's Fund Strikes Again!

Mattie's Legacy Fund strikes AGAIN!

Mattie's Legacy Fund is assisting a horse owner with feed, hay, and blankets for
her two horses, she could not afford to keep due to temporary financial
situation. After verifying info, we assisted her and will help for another month or two. She has since found a second job and will be able to keep her two babies!

We couldn't do this without the support we receive from our readers and volunteers, who help collect blankets, feed coupons, and more! Mattie
really is still watching over other horses in need, isn't he?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Angel Acres Shoe Store is Now OPEN! WOO HOO!

The Angel Acres Decorated Shoe Store is now open online! The first 22 shoes are listed and the rest will be up by Thursday...we have had so many requests, we wanted to post this now and the link will go out in the next newsletter.

I am WAY behind on things do to rain and other events, but working on the newsletter and will get that mailed out on Thursday!

Also, in the newsletter will be a write up about Joni Solis, fantastic horse artist, she designed our logo and does a fabulous job working with her clients to get the perfect design for them!

Check her out at

Have a happy day!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Thanks to eBay!!!

Thank you to eBay for posting my letter and their support of our rescue!

Biggest thanks to the folks at eBay Giving Works from the entire Angel Acres Velvet-Nosed Gang...and their human servants! LOL!

Friday, October 16, 2009



What a week! We have had 13 Rambo blankets donated to our guys and girls!! We have been crazy busy with horses in, out and moving around! LOL!

Katie K went to her new home with Kerry and Mike and Chocolate Truffles leaves tomorrow for her new home with Trish!

We will update soon...the weather makes it harder to get things done and we will be updating over the weekend.

Happy Friday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

$75 Rambo Blanket Trade In- Dover Saddlery

25 years ago Rambo became the blanket of choice for horse owners worldwide, with many still in use today.

Horseware is rewarding loyal customers by offering a trade in of old Rambo turnouts for a $75 credit against a new Rambo turnout of any kind. In addition, the old blanket will be offered to an equine charity. ( Please mention Angel Acres Horse Rescue when you turn in your old one!!)
Simply send or drop off your clean, used blanket to Dover. Your credit will be issued after the used blanket and trade in voucher are received. Applies to Rambo Turnouts only. Offer Expires November 30, 2009. Voucker KD-24167
For more info visit
A big thank you for the blankets we have just received as part of this program. Thanks for keeping our horses warm this winter. Angel Acres sincerely appreciates it!!
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dustins Dreamer Update - Final Show of the Season!

Saturdays Show update from Fran!

It was a good day for Dreamer at the Baltimore County Benefit show at McDonogh School. The videographer video'd 2 of his jumping rounds and I should have that by the end of the week. Also a photog was there and he will be posting the photos from the show shortly!

He didn't win any blues this week! :(

But did get two 2nds over fences and one 3rd in the hack class and was Reserve Champ in the Open Division. (3 ft)

This was the last show of the season and I am so proud of this horse!!

Way to go Dreamer!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WOW!! Boo Boo Baby's Update! STUNNING....

This is the most recent photo of Boo Boo Baby...we get lots of emails asking how he is doing...many of you remember his horrific injury he arrived with...

He is doing FANTASTICALLY well and his new family loves him! Will post more tomorrow...these were taken today...

Big thanks to Joe and his family for giving this big (17.1 hh) guy a second chance at life...and what a great life he has now!!

Hugs from the Angel Acres gang!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Liesha & Markie Back in the Show Ring!


This is the first time they have shown since mid-July when Markie got sick and then developed an injury.

Briarwood Show 9/26/09

Pre-Childrens Hunter (10 riders)

Reserve Champion

1st Flat Class
6th Over FencesClass

1st Over Fences NJPHA Points Class

Pre-Childrens Equitation (9 riders)

6th Over Fences Class

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is beautiful - written by Patty Barnhart

When I am Old...(this is me now - minus the social security!)

I shall wear diamonds And a wide brimmed straw hat
With silver and leather on it and I shall spend my social security
On white wine and carrots

And sit in the alley of my barn
And listen to my horses breathe.
I will sneak out in the middle of a summer's night And ride the chestnut mare Across the moonstruck meadow. If my old bones will allow.

When people come to call I will smile and nod As I walk them past the gardens to the barn And show, instead, the beauty growing there In stalls fresh-lined with straw.
I will shovel and sweat and Wear hay in my hair as if it were a jewel. And I will be an embarrassment to all Who look down on me.

They've not yet found the peace in being free
To love a horse as a friend, A friend who waits at midnight hour
With nuzzle and nicker and patient eyes
For the kind of woman I will be When I am Old.

Written by Patty Barnhart