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Friday, January 28, 2011

Angel Acres - Creating Happy Endings Since 2004...

Jessie aka Cap'n Cottontail was originally adopted out in 2004 by Angel Acres - but due to changing life situations we were contacted in the summer of 2010 by his adopter and made aware that we may need to assist with rehoming Jessie.

Just this past month we helped find Jessie a new loving home with Gen of Virginia - seen here with Jessie in this photo taken just a few days ago...

Angel Acres stays in regular contact with all of our adopters and with very rare exception have continual communication and receive photos from our adoptive families and their horses throughout the years.

This is Tango and Jessica - Jessica adopted Tango in early 2010 and here is her most recent update...yea!!!

"I thought you might like a little update on Tango. I am so happy with how well he is doing, he is really something special!

I love him so much and feel blessed that I can call him mine! We intend to work hard over the winter so that we can be show ring ready come spring". Jessica

While Angel Acres DOES transfer ownership of horses to our adopters, we always reserve first right of refusal and maintain regular contact with families in case there is a need for rehoming, intervention and hey, just cause we love our horses and our adopters!

In 2009 & 2010 Angel Acres rehomed 16 horses that were adopted out in 2004 and 2005 - if we had not had the close relationship with our adopters we maintain, we might not have been in the loop and able to assist. We also assisted the families with the rehoming of several horses that were NOT adopted from Angel Acres but were part of their family, we always asssist as much as we possibly can.

Thanks for being a part of the gang!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alas, This Horse Rescuer Is Only Human, Sigh...

Hey Gang,

Well, as much as it PAINS me to admit it, I have made a boo - boo - my paper work error was brought to my attention by folks who apparently couldn't find us listed on the PA charitable orgs website.

Each year every (well almost every) charities operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to file with the Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations to let them know that the charity is fundraising and/or accepting donations. The state would send out a filing reminder and charities would submit the proper paper work and fees.

Each year, since inception, Angel Acres has properly filed the required paper work and received the certificate required to be properly registered in Pennsylvania, that is, until this year.

Pennsylvania no longer sends out notices to remind us - I got the notice last year telling us that we needed to mark our calendars as reminders would not be sent out and I COMPLETELY FORGOT to do it - they gave us plenty of notice and I dropped the ball.

I had all the paper work completed, including our CPA reviewed financial statements, and forgot to mail it in and for some reason (over work, too much sun, not enough coffee, don't know why) I thought the cert expired on 11/11/11 - when it actually expired on 11/11/10!

Click here to see our prior year Certificates - all required paper work has been filed
and sent via priority mail to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience or distress my paper work blunder has caused any of our always thank you SO much for being a part of our gang!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Best I Have Ever Seen - Why Horse Slaughter NEEDS To Stop!

I saw this post by John W Strobel III on our causes page yesterday. I have been doing this a long time and do not think I have EVER seen something so touching, honest & to the point to get across to any reader (horse lover or not) why we should NOT be slaughtering our horses.

Thank you John for sharing this on our Stop Horse Slaughter in the USA cause!

"Imagine what it would be like if you spent your whole life working, carrying heavy loads, being a friend whose trust in you was without limits and one day you grow old and that person that you spent your lifetime helping is no longer there to protect you.

He has passed on and was honored with a funeral and memorials that will last for years. You, however, are now deemed too old to be of any value to anyone so you are sent to the killers for your demise.

I won't go into how your life would end with these money hungry horse killers but I will say this, no person, no animal, no living thing deserves to leave this earth under those conditions.

STOP THE SLAUGHTER...Treat your friends (Human or animal) as such and send them on with the same dignity they displayed while they served you. JWSIII"

If you get a minute and are so inclined, I bet John would love to know people like his here to see his page!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Apologies For My Juvenile Comments

Hi Gang,

I got word that some folks thought my comments (no bad language or anything) were a bit juvenile towards Mr. Larson. I publicly challenged Mr. Tyson Larson to a debate, I also emailed him, to which I have received no reply. I then politely called his office. I then posted on his facebook page.

He then chose to block my comments from his facebook page - which basically said "why do you want to slaughter horses in your state" - "why do you think the folks of Nebraska would want horse slaughter in their backyard". - "do you really understand what horses go through when headed to slaughter"?

I then basically teased him on our facebook page...I am truly sorry for some of my taunting school girl posts...however...I am deeply upset that Mr. Tyson Larson wants slaughter horses and then blame rescuers. I was even more unhappy when I realized he did NOT have the courage to answer to me or the public about what he wants to do...that is not acceptable.

He wants to open a slaughter plant in Nebraska and then charge the rescues that cannot take homeless horses or horses in need with a crime. Instead of saying to breeders and owners let's work together for a solution to homeless horses (and call for responsible breeding, responsible end of life issues, etc) this man chose to DUMP the entire homelss horse population problem onto the laps of rescues.

Cathy Atkinson said it best last night, "This is the same argument as saying if you don't want abortion, YOU PERSONALLY have to take all the babies. It is invalid there as it is here. Totally faulty logic to expect the responsible and caring people to endlessly clean up the mess of the irresponsible and uncaring people".

As someone who works almost literally around the clock (I do sleep sometimes lol) to save horses, raise awareness about horse slaughter and help horse owners in need of assistance, this was the equivilant to a kick in the teeth.

Click here to read my article about Mr. Larson's plan.

I get many, many, many emails about folks doing things stuff that are cruel, neglect, abusive etc and I send them on to the proper authorities or whomever I think can help as I know area of expertise and my time to reply is limited. This is my area of expertise and we have a big following on facebook, our causes have almost 50,000 members etc, I thought that by making our readers aware of his plans he would reconsider his bill in the Nebraksa Senate.

So, again my apologies to anyone I may have offended or appeared to be acting like a school girl (wish I was again and know what I know now ;o) - my attempts at riling him up, getting our readers involved or at least get him to reply to me seems to have worked...

His facebook page is gone...and he knows his plans are not being well received.

Jo Deibel

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LOVE these UPDATES! - Sara & Her Boys!

Angel Acres adopter Sara(from Colorado) sent us some photo updates of the boys she adopted, Natty and Pumpkin, and her older guy - 43 years old - Edge!

Super big thanks to Sara giving these guys the bestest home...ever!!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

How YOU Can Help Angel Acres Get Up Another Billboard

Lot's of folks have inquired about how they can help us with our billboard campaign (billboard shown above). We are REALLY trying to have 7 boards up/pending by February 7, 2010. So far we have:

1) Baltimore County, MD- UP
2) Baltimore City, MD - Up
3) Philadephia, PA - Coming February 7, 2010
4) Augusta, GA - Coming TBA

We REALLY need support from our readers, adopters, fans, friends, family, etc!

You can help us with:

#1 - Funds to help get boards printed, shipped and installed - click here to donate today! Average cost per board is $300 - No donation is too small.

#2 - Spot available/empty billboards in your area (with specific address and contact info) and forward info to Fran - by emailing by clicking here.

#3 - Share this blog post on your facebook page and myspace or any other website you can to help us spread the word! If everyone donated just $1 to our fund - HOLY COW, the number of boards we could have up!!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi

Fund raising ideas for anyone who wants to help us with fund raising, in a big way!

#1- Post items for sale on eBay to benefit Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue - just click here and click the sell tab and select "choose this nonprofit" next to our name.

#2- Take your extra / unwanted items such as clothing, tack, furniture, household goods, jewelry, etc to your local consignment or tack shop and make Angel Acres the beneficary. Our mailing is Angel Acres, PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329

#3- Have a bake sale for Angel Acres Billboard Campaign!

“The first step toward change is awareness." Nathaniel Branden

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Magic Touch - Daughter of Ferdinand - NEEDS home ASAP!

We are STILL looking for forever home for this gorgeous Ferdinand mare - Magic Touch - last American (we believe) Ferdinand daughter in the United States.

Due to death of owners son, we have until January 15 to place her into a
loving forever home. She is in the Beaver County, PA area...

Click here to read about her.

Please see our dollar horses program page to learn how these adoptions work.

EMAIL US if you can help

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Horse Slaughter is NOT Humane Euthanasia - PERIOD!

My take on horse slaughter - pro slaughter people would have the unsuspecting public believe that horses that are slaughtered go through a humane process by calling it rendering or processing. If horse slaughter is humane than I am the Queen of England...and I assure you, I am not. No graphic content...just my two and 1/2 cents!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Delivery From Upper Dauphin Area Middle School Horse Club!

We just received a really cool package from Jamie Lebo and her kids, Griffin and Savannah and the entire Upper Dauphin Area Middle School Horse Club!

Check out these WONDERFUL hand made decorated Christmas cards the kids sent and they sent a donation to our rescue!!

THANK YOU from all of us to all of you!!!

This has to be the coolest thing we have received so far for this annual event!! YEA!!