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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Token Needs Forever Home - SOLID Trail Horse!

Token was adopted out by Angel Acres about 2 years ago to a fantastic family in Erie, PA (which is where he is located now). He is now in need of rehoming as soon as possible (plus he is OUTSTANDING and will make someone incredibly happy).

He is a 16.1 hand bay, 9 year old, thoroughbred gelding. We want to place him in a trail horse home...he can trail ride and has never taken off, never bucked, never reared or done anything even remotely silly on the trail. Cars pass, ducks, cows, deer, etc he looks and moves on, he is an EXCELLENT trail horse and loves it!

He is NOT a cribber and is absolutely super duper sweet and quite the looker!
They do not want to make him uncomfortable doing ring work and want to place him directly into a new, loving forever home.
His owner is a repeat Angel Acres adopter and wants to do more ring work and showing and stuff, Token can do it, but the tight circles and other ring activity tend to make him just slightly gimpy on occassion.

Please email for more information.

He will be going out under the $1 horses program, PLEASE click here to read about the program BEFORE emailing if you are not familiar with the Angel Acres $1 Program.

ALL horses adopted out through this program MUST be transported via a professional hauler. A few people have asked about our definition of a professional hauler. A professional hauler is a hauler who is experienced, insured & basically hauls horses for a living.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Harrisburg Horses Examiner Posts

Hi Gang,

As some of you may know, I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to be the Harrisburg Horses Examiner and have been writing for the for just a few weeks now. Every other Friday I will post a list of the articles here (nearly all will be horse related) and will highlight one that I feel is incredibly important to horse welfare.

You can view the entire list of articles

I believe that the most important article for horse welfare is this one:

GFAS Helping Horse Rescues Succeed

Please read the GFAS article and share with others...with episodes like CBER, Lifelines, Hidden Meadows, and on and and on...Mandatory GFAS Accreditation for horse rescues cannot come to soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After Hidden Meadows Nightmare - A Few Tips!

I have gotten a few private emails and keep seeing this posted in ref to HMER "what can we do to stop situations like this?"

1) Support good rescues that are GFAS Accredited, on or one you can go and visit for YOURSELF.

2) Good groups that work with other good groups or larger animal welfare groups.

3) Good groups that have SOME IDEA of where the next load of hay is coming from and aren't raising funds for the everyday items, continually. Heck, we all need public help, but there are red flags if the fundraising is relentless and there is no other source of funding. Such as, grant writing, adoption fees, in person fundraisers, etc.

4) Groups that do NOT scream "the truck is coming" in panic mode DAILY...sadly, the truck is ALWAYS COMING.

5) Do NOT Support groups that refuse to answer your questions, get belligerent with you when you ask where a horse is, or blocks you.

6) Do NOT support groups with NO after care and ridiculous claims of placing 50+ horses a week UNLESS they can show you where those horses are going! Getting a horse from the auction to be given away to anyone who opens up there wallet is NOT a good idea. That puts the horse at risk of abuse, neglect or as we have seen lately, back at the sale to be rescued again!

7) Ask to see the horses (do NOT show up unannounced) and schedule an appt. Don't worry about being fooled...No one is going to fix a nightmare like Hidden Meadows or the chick out West in a few days, not going to happen.

8) Be polite, send intelligent emails, but SEND them and ask questions.

9) If in doubt, follow your instincts and find somewhere else to donate your hard earned money too!

Just my lil ole two cents!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fees For Adoption Horses - Dispelling the Rescue Horse Myth!

I answered a note on a friends wall post and thought I would post it here as I believe it is probably a question that is asked often - why are adoption fees what they are for horses? The person asking was why some rescues "wanted and arm and a leg" for a horse and the rescues "wanted as much as 2000 (sic) for them"...sigh...this is a really disheartening question for folks like me that work daily to dispell the "Rescue Horse Myth" - which basically is - if he or she is a rescue, must be something wrong - SO SO SO not the case in many, many, many instances.

Be sure to read
this blog post about what it REALLY costs to rescue a horse, properly, from auction or kill pen. Below is my reply to her question/post:

Our fees run anywhere from $1200 to $3500 depending on the horse and our fees associated with the horse. These fees are for horses that, if we were private sellers and offering NONE of the guarantees our rescue offers each of our adopters, would be 3x higher.

Our horses are up to date, shots, feet, teeth, coggins, deworming, etc all are professionally schooled and are usually started over fences and/or doing dressage, eventing, field hunting etc. Minimum 90 days training after qt and ground work.

We put A LOT of time, money, effort and energy into our horses and our program and the fees from the adoption of a $3500 horse will allow us to go pull several more from the kill pen and start their entry into the Angel Acres program.

We also guarantee all of our horses to be exactly as described, you won't get a sick or unridable (unless we are adopting out a companion only horse or something) horse from us. We also have the $1 program for repeat adopters.

MANY good rescues have higher adoption fees, we must, in order to administer our programs. We are NOT federally funded and we (horse rescues in general) are usually the least funded of the companion animal groups.

Check out grants for horses and then check dog grants, there are, on average 25 dog grants available for each single horse grant available! YET, our fees are 10x per animal what it takes to care for a dog. And people do not just donate to us...funds are tight everywhere...sadly...

We also don't work with brokers and just give the horse to anyone who opens their pocket books and makes a donation. I speak to each prospective adopter, I screen all applicants thoroughly and I do the absolute very best to make sure the match between horse and adopter are fantastic!

When rescues are pulling horses from lots and seeing them for 10 mins before giving them to someone because they wrote a check, well there cannot be whole lot evaluation of the horse or the adopter going on.

So, please give rescues who charge larger fees a will be glad you did! Check out to see a list of great rescues with horses available for adoption!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Angel Acres - September Newsletter!

Todays Blog is Our September Newsletter!

In the newsletter I forgot to thank Cathy from Monkton and Kim and Abbey for manning, er would that be womanning lol, the booth at the State Fair for Angel Acres! Cathy volunteered with us last year, too!

Please read the newsletter by clicking here!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Legalizing Slaughter in Wyoming - by a RESCUE GROUP?!?!?!


This is Slaughter House Sue doings...why doesn't she just go away, far, far, far away from the people that love and care for their horses?! She is UNWANTED one...

Check out this blog

PLEASE take the time to contact the Governor of Wyoming and let them know that there is NO humane slaughter and that this program is a BAD IDEA.

REMEMBER, please be polite and kind and respectful...otherwise they won't take us seriously (just do what I do - A LOT of deep breathing before making calls like this).

This article tells me more

It's situations like this that make me so angry, people like me working tirelessly to save horses and at the VERY least encourage a humane ending for their horse if there are no other options and then there are groups like UOH (I won't say their name here because they don't need another plug - click the more link above) promoting the falicies of the "unwanted horse" there are NO unwanted horses, there is NO free breeding in the United States (except wild horses) and no one has a litter of horses show up on their porch.

Horses needing rescue or help are simply Homeless Horses, nothing less, nothing more, they WERE wanted at one time, they have simply outgrown the purpose they were bred for.


One other thing...we THOUGHT this was a hoax...evidently, sadly, unbelievably, it's not!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Needed to Get Gelding To Safety!

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
Angel Acres Needs HELP For GELDING Right AWAY - Glenville, PA


Happy Wednesday!
This was supposed to be a much happier newsletter...instead we need your help. We have an emergency is the skinny below:
We need help getting a gelding from Huntington area in KY to Bumpass, VA. Mattie's Legacy Fund has covered the shots, coggins and health certificate for this guy and have arranged for a safe place for him to go...but no new funds have come in and the fund is completey depleted...sigh...the total shown at Mattie's Legacy Fund is what came in from July and those funds and additional funds raised offline have been used.
The fund is currently empty and we need transport assistance for him.

The family has had tremendous illness, jobless, car break downs, etc. and thru it all has managed to care for their horses (other horse is now safe) and feed them...we are doing our best to help them...all info has been verified and horse is coming into one of our safe houses in VA.

Please let us know if you know of any good transporters that run along the East Coast.
We estimating the cost at between $400 and $500 for hitching a ride with someone going from KY to VA.
You can send a donation to us at Mattie's Legacy Fund
or you can send a donation to our paypal addy at just note Mattie's Legacy Fund - KY to VA.
For anyone that doesn't use paypal - via our Angel Acres Secure Donation Page
Please forward to a friend via the button below my name too and help us spread the word for this sweet guy!
Thanks for taking the time to read this note...I promise to send a happier newsletter soon :o)
Jo Deibel
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Thank you very much for being a part of the Angel Acres Gang!

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
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