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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zing, CL Mare Arrives At Angel Acres

Angel Acres

Sadly...Zing has lost hers, maybe you can help her find it!
On Monday, we shared a Craiglist ad for a mare that needed a home (someone sent it to me, I called owner to make sure she would like it shared, etc), the mare was in very poor shape but apparently this was an improvement over how the owner received her 2 months prior.
Photo above left is Zing tied up in front yard of home in CL ad (hauler picked her up today 9-29-12 -she was loose standing in front yard - there is NO fencing ) with what appears to be a dog chain / some sort of wire.
Photo on above right is her about 2 hours after arrival at Angel Acres she appears to have lost weight since CL pic was taken.
Photo above left is her in her old home - sometime in past month.
Photo above right - me talking quietly to her as she eats her first meal at Angel Acres. We are very familiar with refeeding syndrome and will make sure she is brought back to a good weight slowly. She is approximately 250 - 300 lbs underweight.

To make a SUPER long story short, I noticed the CL ad gone a few hours after I shared it and called owner back thinking she had found a home for the mare.

I was saddened to learn that shortly after sharing her ad on our FB page she was flooded with nasty emails & calls. In fear for her safety (some of the emails were threatening) she removed the ad.

Since I posted the ad to our Facebook Page I now felt responsible for her & decided to bring her into the rescue.

What we have learned since she arrived - I am sure there will be more but this is what we know now:
  • She is a 21 year old Appendix (AQHA & Thorougbred cross)...supposed to have had all shots, teeth, etc done...totally NOT the case...she will need to be brought up to date on everything.

  • She is in very poor health, arthritic in the hind, cannot lift feet for farrier & completely blind in right eye.
  • Owner we purchased her from was SEVERELY misled about her and probably should never have purchased her at all.
  • She is SUPER sweet and kind & we hope we can rehab her and she can live whatever time she has left out with diginty and love.
If you would like to help sponsor Zing or make a one time donation to her care please visit our donation page at this link Network For Good - or click button below - this mare needs all the help we can give her.
Thanks so much for being a part of the gang!
Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
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Glenville, PA 17329

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Angel Acres Members hits 76,000!

It's been a crazy, super busy summer so am WAY behind on blog posts and updates...but from here on out...we will be posting at least weekly!

Have you joined our cause, Stop Slaughtering Horses in the USA, on

SUPER big thanks to the folks at for cartooning me & featuring our cause & Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue this month!

We SO appreciate the wonderful folks over there helping us connect with the animal loving community!

We've surpassed 75,000 members in our cause and are heading towards 80,000.

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This months goal is for 5,000 folks to take the pledge to spread the word about horse slaughter.

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Thanks SO much for being a part of our gang!

Jo :o)