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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Is Why You NEVER Just Give Your Horse Away...

Thanks to Fugly Blog for posting this story - and linking to this one.

The woman, according to these two stories is a HORSE DEALER trolling on Craigslist and other spots telling folks in desperate need to place their horses that she will give their horses a good home. I am posting tonights blog to highlight this single story (but it happens EVERY DAY) as a segway to these important points when giving a horse away...

1) If you are a horse owner and can no longer care for your horse - google horse rescue in your state; make calls and see if there is REPUTABLE rescue - ask for refs, ask for vet refs, do NOT trust anyone simply because they are a rescue - there are some rescues that are really dealers parading around with 501 status who won't give one iota about your horse or where he or she ends up. Any good rescue will promptly offer up oodles of refs...if you hear or sense hesitation - RUN FAR FAR FAR AWAY and find another rescue!

2) Post your horse on a reputable site like or or's free listing service and enlist the help of a rescue - (there are lots of good rescues who will help you - find a good rescue by visiting Global Federation of Animal Sancturies or Fugly Blog) - place your horse. For example, Angel Acres offers remote placement assistance and will screen prospective adopters for you and insist that all prospective adopters follow our $1 Horses Program.

3)If you do give your horse away require that they pay for a professional hauler - we NEVER allow our $1 horses to be picked up by an adopter (for the EXACT reason as what happened in the story above), just in case someone should slip thru our reference & background checks that would really want to flip our horse. Or you can have the adopter make a donation to a rescue or charity of your choice - PRIOR to the horse leaving.

You might be thinking, none of that will happen because people won't do it. I am here to tell you that ANY good horse person who cares about the horse they are adopting WILL make a donation to a rescue or will have the horse professionally hauled...and what if, in the unlikely event your are left with no one to take the horse and you are out of time...

IF your ONLY option (at least you think it's the only one) is to take your horse to auction...we HIGHLY recommend humane euthanasia.

Repeat- do NOT give your horse away to anyone that you cannot verify...I cannot tell you how many horses we have pulled from the kill pen that were "given to a friend" or "free leased to my cousin" or "donated to a school"...and do not think that sending a horse to auction is an ok thing...

Auctions are (we are referring to low end livestock auctions) NOT the place to send your faithful companion...a horse deserves to have a humane ending with the people that love him or her...not face a brutal death at the hands of a sadistic killer in an equine slaughter house. LARGE numbers of horses go from auction to slaughter each DAY...don't let your horse be one of them.

Making the decision to humanely euthanize a sound, healthy horse is truly one of the saddest things a horse owner may ever have to do and should only be done if all other options have been exhausted.

This kindest act of compassion (when no other option except auction or slaughter exists) will ensure he or she never winds up being brutally slaughtered to feed some foreign diner in Europe.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

WOO DOGGIES!! Jacksonville Here We Come!

SUPER DUPER big thanks to LAMAR - they have approved the artwork for Jacksonville, FL!! Earlier in the week we were turned down in Jacksonville by another board owner who wanted us to change our message to "Save Horses"...

We thanked them, but politely turned them down...Fran persisted on (we always try to stay positive and continue onward and upward) and she got word last night that we are now getting a billboard in Jacksonville!! YEA!!!

If you would like to help or learn more about our public awareness campaign please check out our NON graphic companion website site by clicking HERE.

You can also make a donation to the billboard campaign without visiting the site by clicking HERE!

We now have boards up in Baltimore MD, Augusta GA, Aiken SC, Philadelphia PA and one pending in FL, KY and CT!!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign - Not So Good News...ugh

As you may know, we are working hard to raise awareness about horse slaughter. We are a medium sized rescue, we S-T-R-E-T-C-H every dollar to the max, have REALLY old equipment and work nearly nonstop for the horses.

So, it makes me REALLY sad that our horses can be shipped to Mexico and Canada to be brutally slaughtered and some folks are worried about offending people.

From our ad team: "Board Owner in Jacksonville will not run the board unless we change the headline to “Save horses” or something less likely to awaken people... I politely thanked them for their time and explained that it’s not a negotiable topic."

I totally understand that horse slaughter is not pleasant, it's the reason I work nonstop to save horses, it's not something you bring up at Sunday dinner. We know that, that's why our billboards companion website - click HERE to see it & learn how you can help - is non graphic in nature. But, the truth is, there are tons of people profitting off the horrific slaughter of American horses and it needs to STOP.

Unless the public is aware of this huge problem, they cannot help us fix it. Some folks would have you believe horse slaughter is humane; horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia. Some would have you believe it's "rendering, processing, harvesting" its not - it is the worst kind of torture a horse can suffer, the ultimate betrayal by humans...and it's happening daily.

We express our sincerest thanks to the folks at Lamar of GA, CBS Outdoor and CCO of Laurel who have helped us spread the messasge so far. We understand these folks made courageous decisions by allowing us to post our boards and donating the spaces to us...we cannot thank them enough.

While we would LOVED to have worked with the board owner in Jacksonville we feel we cannot compromise the message we are sending...we are using a positive image and telling the truth; how can that be wrong?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remember Mattie's Friend, Jack?

This is Paige and Jack - Jack, along with Mattie, was pulled out of the kill pen on on January 29, 2007 - this is an update on Jack with Paige.

As you can see from the pictures, Jack is doing
fabulously well and Paige loves him very much!

What a fabulously, happy ending for a once slaughter bound horse.

You can look back through our blog and see updates on Jack and many of our other horses....

Big thanks to Paige and her family for giving Jack the life he desperately deserved all those years ago!

Thank you Paige for keeping us updated on his progress and taking excellent care of him, please give him big hugs from Auntie Jo!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Philly Billboard is UP! YEA!! Send Us Your Photos!

The Philadelphia Stop Slaughtering Us billboard is up!

Please let us know if you see it and if you can take a picture of it with you in the photo please send that to us...we would love to see our billboards in pictures with our readers and supporters!

This board is 14 ft by 48 ft and is located on
US 1 Roosevelt Expressway 500 ft south of Wissahickon Ave facing north.

Visit the billboards companion site by clicking HERE and learn how you can help us get a board up in Florida!

Some pro slaughter folks have asked us WHY we are spending money that could be spent on the horses on this billboard campaign - ONLY funds designated for the billboards are being used for this educational campaign.

In order for horse slaughter to stop the American public needs to know it is going on. That is the NUMBER #1 reason we are doing it so people become aware, visit the website and learn how they can help stop it!

Brittany F. stated in reply to this article (pro slaughter slant from a wannabe cow girl) ...

"Don't they realize that maybe by raising awareness people will want to donate to help save the horses?

If they dont know about it how can they donate??? Also, maybe it would spur some more people to set up rescue organizations, but you need to raise awareness first! People can't help solve a problem they aren't aware of!"

She goes on to say, "And I think it is really crappy of them to actually use Angel Acres's name like that..."

I was not even contacted for the article or was aware of it till one of our readers sent it to me and I have to agree with Brittany...totally uncool to use our name without even contacting us first.

I have offered to debate Sue Wallis, Senator Tyson Larson and have contacted the author of the article - no replies from any of them. Wonder why? hhhmmmm...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nebraska Needs LIVE Horses - NOT Slaughtered Ones!

Horses that are alive require food, hay, water, worming, medicine, vetertinary intervention, trailering, tootie care, dental work and on and on are horses that contribute to the economy.

When a horse eats hay we can see the trail of dollar signs that stay within a community.

First, let's follow the path of hay from hay seed to horse!

A farmer uses his vehicle to go to feed / farm store to purchase hay seed, fertilizer, etc. Farmer than uses his equipment, that he purchased locally prior to planting, to prepare the land for the seed.

Farmer tills the land and plants the hay seed and fertilizes it.

After growing and reaching maturity the farmer cuts, rakes, fluffs, and bales his hay, then loads up and takes back to storage area. Farmer than puts ad in paper or online, etc to sell the hay.

Horse owner purchases hay to feed horse. Horse eats hay, produces manure, mushroom farmers and others pick up / purchase manure for good, organic fertilizer.

Now, let's look at the dollars spent directly in the community where horse lives: money was spent in the community for - gas, diesel fuel, seed, fertilizer, tractor, haying equipment, baling equipment, electricity, baling twine, workers to help, and many other things to numerous to list here (we want our readers awake lol).

This is for just ONE equine need - I could spend the next week listing how horses contribute to the economy but it will take me just 5 seconds to say this...

A dead horse STOPS contributing to the economy.

Tell Nebraska Senator Larson that horse slaughter is NOT going to be good for Nebraska's economy! (Join Stop Horse Slaughter in the USA cause by clicking HERE)

Sen. Tyson Larson
# District 40
# Room #1019
# P.O. Box 94604
# Lincoln, NE 68509
# Phone: (402) 471-2801
# Email:

HELP us SPREAD the word that horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia as Larson would have us believe. You can help us get a billboard up in Nebraska & help us educate the residents of Nebraska - click HERE to learn how!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Billboards Up in Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC!

Here are 2 more of the Angel Acres billboards hard at work educating the general, non horse owning American public about horse slaughter!

The first board shown is in Thomson, GA and the second one is in Aiken, SC.

We are working hard to get our next board up in Florida - consider helping us today!

Click here to check out the NON graphic companion site to the billboard campaign!

Please help us spread the word about horse slaughter by sharing our site, reposting and sharing this blog & helping us raise the funds for our next board!

Philadelphia board has been delayed due to weather but will be up shortly...our first Kentucky board will go up soon and we are working hard to raise funds for the Florida board. If you would like to donate to help us get the Florida board up (we are almost half way) please click here.

Thank you everyone who is helping to make our campaign a success!

ONLY when the American public knows our horses are being shipped to Mexico and Canada to be brutally slaughtered to feed foreign diners will this horrific tragedy be stopped - we MUST succeed...100,000 equine lives are depending on us!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Caring Hearts Really Cares About Horses!


We were working diligently to raise the funds for a Kentucky billboard to keep our awareness campaign moving forward around the nation - click here to see our WJZ TV story and the billboards in action - we were half way to the amount needed for the board in KY when I posted on the Angel Acres Facebook Page.

Pat, who has been an Angel Acres supporter for just over a year, posted a challenge to the Angel Acres Gang and offered to match all donations that came in till we reached our goal! We reached it in almost no time!!!

We truly cannot thank her and Caring Hearts enough; because of her challenge and the kindness of others who have donated to this board we will be putting up a board in KY!!! Reaching more people around the country to raise awareness about horse slaughter - click here
to see the billbaords companion site (no graphic images).

Also, Pat is the fabulous lady who offered up her barn without a moments hesistation for us to store the 2500 bales of donated hay we received this past summer. Pat has also supported us in our other fundraising efforts and continually offers her help and assistance.

Big thanks to Pat and Caring Hearts - we couldn't have done it without you!