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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angel Acres Stop Slaughtering Us Billboards are UP!

Our anti horse slaughter billboards are up in Baltimore, MD. Here is one of them in action!

We are so very, very thankful to the folks at Clear Channel Outdoor in Laurel, MD. We could NOT have done this without their incredible kindness and generosity! We cannot thank them enough for donating the spaces to us!!

Angel Acres truly believes that if the general non-horse owning public knew what was going on -

that 100,000 horses a YEAR were being shipped to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered -

they would be outraged and help us (us being the rescue and horse welfare community) FINALLY get the legislation passed that would end the slaughter by sealing our nation's borders.
And here's something we are addressing in tomorrows video and I can never say it enough -

Horse Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia!

This is NOT a nationally funded campaign, we are a grass roots group trying to make the public aware of what is going on - we would love more help getting more billboards up - if you'd like to help sponsor a billboard click here and mark your donation "Anti Slaughter Campaign" - each board runs $300 and no donation is too small - together we CAN make this public awareness campaign a great success!

If you are interested in a sponsored board, it will be specially printed and made in honor of a loved one - furry or human :o) (will read something like ... "This billboard space graciously donated by Clear Channel Outdoor and is in honor of...) contact Fran via email for more info about board sponsorship.

If you would like to donate to our Anti-Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign you can donate securely (just note Anti Slaughter Awareness Campaign in the designation box) by clicking here.

Special thanks to our graphic design team at Ebrand Advertising who, amazingly, STILL pick up the phone when I call ;o)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Angel Acres Tree Overflows on Christmas Day :o)

These cards arrived over the past two days...WOW...thank you all so very, very much! You guys totally overflowed our tree! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Check it out - Natty and Pumpkin, velvet-nosed children of Sara of Colorado, got into their mom's stationary and sent their Auntie Jo a card and donation! How sweet ;o)

Thank you to Cathy and Brian, Ben & Karen, Clare - Angel Acres Foster Mom Extradonarie - of StableMart, Nancy M and the Kenner Family!

Thank you to Liz M who volunteers at a horse rescue in Florida, Lori M. long time Angel Acres supporter.

Angel Acres adopter via MMSC - Melissa and Fly and her family - Russell, Zoey and Miles!

Big thanks to The Dooley Family - Dave, Melissa, Emma and Michael.

Thank you to Michelle and her gang Oscar and Blue. Yoo Hoo Slew adopter Kim M now of Blacksburg, VA.

Big thanks to Shawn W and family, Franny, The ENTIRE Gillispie Family including their velvet-noses, Tammy C.
Thank you to Ann Lee!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost there - Angel Acres Tree is almost done :o)

The Rubinetti Family and their velvet-noses, Freddy & Cesear.

Donna A. one of Angel Acres very FIRST supporters!

The Wester Family :o)

Melodie & Wayne (we are gonna show her card at the end of the event - way cool the way she sent it), Sherry & Michelle C. members of our facebook gang :o)

Renee K., Sue M. of Maryland.

More cards arrived today! Will post them tomorrow...thank you all for helping to make our Annual Decorate the Tree Fundraiser a great success!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just 4 Days till Christmas - Tree Update!

Thank you to our friends Sharon and Wayne now residing in Florida - ggrrrr, I mean, so happy you're there missing the upcoming Nor'Easter! Love you guys!

Thank you Tina and Don (they are participated in our hay convoys this summer).

Cathy and her gang, Macbeth & Grace.

Elaine - Shiloh Horse Rescue adopter of Granite who sadly passed away in November - sent us a card for our gang.

Cindy S of New Jersey (I gave Luvie and Baby Face a kiss and carrot for you!)

And Robert R. now of Virginia!

Thank you all...more cards to post tomorrow!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Tree Update - 1st We Had To Use Bottom Row!

The Newsletter will be going out tonight, but here's a peak at our latest tree picture and cards received!

Thank you to Rebecca, her family and her baby girl with the velvet-nose, Angel (adopted from Angel Acres)!

Thank you to Rae M., Mercy long time Angel Acres supporter and FOB, Sam & Kim S., Jessica & Jonathan, Wendy P., Chris C., and from Daniel, Rowan, Rebecca & Susan!

Thank you all for helping us to decorate the tree and help horses in need...and this is the first year we have had to use the bottom row to hold cards!! YEA!!

If you would like to help us, simply mail a card with a $1 donation to:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Thank you all so very, very much!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Cards For The Angel Acres Tree!

We want to send out Big Thanks To Carmen H., Brooke H., Julie, Cheri & her OTTB Hollywood Vic and Bob & Carol!
Super Big thanks to EVERYONE helping us with our tree!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

On A Happy Note - Our Tree Update!

Big thanks to Laura K., Barbara & Angel Acres Adopted Velvet-Nose Harvey, Sheila and her equine gang Joni & Angel Acres Chief!

Special thanks to Jeannette - Mattie's Virtual Mom!

Thank you everyone for helping us decorate our tree!!

See below if you'd like to help us decorate the tree!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I AM LIVID - Slaughterhouse Sue DARES to Email Angel Acres!

THIS IS THE BODY OF THE LETTER I GOT TODAY - am sure other rescues got it comments in BOLD and BOLD

To Whom It May Concern:

Hey there Slaughterhouse Sue - that would be Jo Deibel you are addressing.

A RESCUE and REJUVENATION program of the United Horsemen's Unified Equine System has been created to care for "unwanted" horses and give them a chance to become "wanted," healthy and happy.

Let's see since there is NO free breeding in the USA and no one has a litter of baby horses show up on their doorstep ALL horses (except wild horses) WERE wanted at one time. They have simply outgrown the purpose for which they are bred, making them HOMELESS HORSES - NOT unwanted horses.

The Unified Equine System is a holistic system that is designed to provide a solution to the problem of excess domestic horses in the United States.

How about breeding for quality and not quantity, ya think that might slow down the increase in the number of HOMELESS HORSES? Seems your VP is a AQHA BREEDER - doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of rescue? Angel Acres doesn't breed their rescue horses...and neither do other good rescues, so I guess that kicks your faux rescue group to the curb in that department, doesn't it?

The United Horsemen seek to help horses and owners in any situation. People may donate equines they are not able or willing to keep, at any of our satellite rescue centers planned for multiple locations in the U.S. The horses will immediately be examined by a veterinarian.

I personally think this statement equates to - Send us your horses, we'll slaughter them for free for ya AND we will sanitize their horrific death by using words that make it seem less brutal and vile than it is!

If they are in good condition, and potentially useful, they will be sent to the Rescue Program, a collaborative effort with college and university equine programs and private horse trainers to train, re-train and market horses.

OMG - IF they are in good condition they will be sent to rescue? And if not, they'll get a big ole bash in the frigging skull? IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?! Because that is what slaughter is...brutally being bashed in the head, your throat slit as you are hanging upside down by one hoof!

The Rescue Program may also be a good option for trained, dependable older horses who are no longer needed or wanted in their current situation. Once evaluated by professionals, and wherever possible, these horses will be placed as kids' horses, or provided at little or no cost to therapeutic riding programs, and other equine nonprofit purposes. If appropriate, they may be sold to riding schools, trail riding businesses, or other such enterprises.

OOOOHHHH...sssoooo if there is ANY potential left for you guys to get a few bucks you'll sell them up the road?! NICE!! GREAT FRIGGING RESCUE PROGRAM YOU GOT GOING!

Lack of training can be a significant factor in a horse becoming "unwanted." The Unified Equine Rescue Program is an ideal place for untrained, but potentially desirable, horses. The Rescue Program connects untrained prospects with capable professionals and student trainers, giving these horses the best chance to succeed. This element of the Rescue Program is set up with the breeder and owner in mind - people unexpectedly hit by the downed horse market and who now may not be able to afford training.

So, the lack of training - probably by a backyard breeder - causes the horse to be HOMELESS and now it's the horses fault...nice...this statement is just total bs!

Horses in poor condition will be placed in the Rejuvenation Program for extra feed, care, and supplementation, until they are healthy and ready for re-evaluation. long is that? Until they are fat enough to be slaughtered at your bogus, bullshit rescue program?!

Pregnant mares, foals, yearlings, and weanlings will be put on pasture until ready for re-evaluation and placement. Mares may also be provided to university equine reproduction research programs.

OOHHH...boy...So in addition to slaughtering horses at your faux rescue you now want to send them off to research programs, too!! Pregnant mares too? HEY, are you gonna try to get into the Premarin biz too? Wooo! You guys sure are batting 1000 in the eyes of the horse loving community aren't you?!

The Unified Equine System will also offer an incentive program, paying bonuses to owners and/or trainers who are successful in competition with horses that came from the program.

No words for the above statement....sigh...

Because the Unified Equine System is organized by horse industry professionals, horses can be evaluated and placed as show prospects, ranch horses, therapeutic riding horses, rodeo bucking stock, and much more.

OMG - RODEO BUCKING STOCK?! That is so loaded with a million directions I could go, I will leave it for later.

Owners who donate horses to United Horsemen, a non-profit, 501c3 organization, will receive a 100% tax-deductible donation receipt.

Hey, you know what...if an owner donates to any NON PRO SLAUGHTER 501c3 rescue they get a tax donation forgot to mention that in your statement!

For horses that have lived past their useful life, are unsound, un-trainable, or otherwise not suitable for re-homing, a humane system of slaughter will be utilized. Equipment and management practices approved by Dr. Temple Grandin will provide a quick, clean death with a minimum of stress and pain. Horses will be handled humanely and respectfully, employees will undergo proper training, and the facility will be monitored to prevent mishandling and abuse.


Every part of the horse will be put to good purposes, from providing nourishing, high quality meat to the hungry and to those who choose to buy it for their tables, to zoo diets for big cats and other carnivores, to canned pet food. Horse hide is very valuable as rawhide and as leather. Otherwise unusable parts will be rendered to essential oil and byproducts. Some parts can be used for both human and veterinary medicine. Even the hair can be used.

Every part of the horse can be used? How about when they are alive how the horse contributes to the economy? Didn't see a mention of how they help local communities.

Hayman makes money because he's feeding the horse, store selling him the timothy seed makes money, same for the grain store. Then there are the tack shops, apparel makers, on and on and on....a horse STOPS contributing to the economy once he dies but contribues enormously when he is a ALIVE!

Horses entering the system that are not appropriate for either the Rescue Program or the Processing Program will be put on pasture until their status changes. This would primarily be brood mares with baby colts, weanlings, yearlings, and horses who may have suffered an injury, will never be sound, but have been provided with veterinary medications that will need to be held for an appropriate withdrawal period before being processed.

What does this mean? Seems to me it means - "welp, there missy slaughterhourse suzy q. looks like ole Sunshine here ain't fit for anything but slaughter but she ain't fat enuff yet, so let's put her on some pasture and fatten her up so we can get some good money for our "rescue program"

The Rescue, Rejuvenation, and Slaughter Programs are complemented by the Equine Assurance Program, an industry-driven assurance program to address both animal welfare issues and food quality and safety issues through licensing, certification, and training; as well as the Horses for Humanity Program, which is specifically focused on using horse products for charitable purposes where horse meat can be provided to the hungry, or be contributed as pet food to nonprofit animal shelters. The National Do Not Slaughter Registry provides extra assurance to those who do not ever want to see their horse processed.


And you are trying to pass off SLAUGHTERED HORSES to AMERICA'S poorest citizens?! Do you realize that almost every SINGLE product we give horses to keep them healthy are carcinogenic to humans (that means they cause cancer). And there is NO withdrawal time for bute recognized by the FDA? NONE!! NO WITHDRAWAL TIME FOR BUTE RECOGNIZED BY THE FDA!

The FDA bans administration of bute in any animal intended for food. Click here to see the article detailing a study of bute in horses slaughtered for human consumption.

NO animal can be slaughtered for food that has had bute with the exception of cows before 20 months of age, did you know that, Mr. Man? Find me a horse that hasn't EVER had bute and I'll show you oceanfront property in Arizona.

If your horse rescue is interested in working with our program, please contact Sue Wallis at or (307)680-8515, or Dave Duquette at or (541)571-7588. While no one really cares to think about horses getting processed, the reality is many horses are suffering far worse lives and deaths than a quick, humane death could ever be. Please help us help them through our realistic system that will end unnecessary suffering.

I got two words for your program their Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis and Dave D. and they rhyme with DUCK SHOE!


Dave Duquette

Executive Director

United Horsemen

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angel Acres Tree Update - Weird Picture

Thanks to Ms. Fran - Fran Burns Mom - she totally rocks! She made it to our event, didn't win anything in the silent auction but sent the gang a donation and a card for our tree!

Sister Catherine - long time Angel Acres supporter!

Carol & David - Angel Acres design team :o)

Lorraine & Bill - long time Angel Acres supporter - to Mattie's Legacy Fund.

Penny of Vt, Michele of MN, Octavia & Martz of NC, Kristin, Josh & children Haven & Hadden.

The Cornetto Family - Angel Acres adopter and long time supporter!

I don't know why the tree photo looks like this...I took literally 20 pictures...with flash, withoutflash, close-up and far away and they ALL look like sorry for the weird glow!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Angel Acres Tree Update - More Cards Have Arrived!!

BBrrrrrr....Boy oh boy, it's COLD am happy to be INSIDE for a few minutes updating the Angel Acres Tree and writing about it on the blog!

Big thanks to: Fran - yes, that Fran, Angel Acres volunteer extradonaire ;o) She is donating $200 to our newer tractor fund - see below!

And big thanks to: Ellen - who also made our rescue her Christmas Wish on FB, Elaine & Rob, Suzanne H., and Mike & Hollie of WV.

Thank you all very much for helping us!

The funds will be going towards a newer (not new - boy, I wish lol) tractor - we DESPERATELY need a newer tractor - ours is a 1952 8N Ford Tractor that keeps blowing the radiator and a host of other problems - pto thingy doesn't do whatever it is supposed to do (Greg says its supposed to lift stuff) - the clear gas bubble thing keeps leaking gas or doing something it's not supposed too.

Over the weekend it broke down AGAIN as Greg was spreading manure in the field. This time he made it back (most times I have to go and find him in the field and take him a bucket of tools to him to fix it) to the parking area by the manure ramp and we are hoping and praying that Greg can repair it again and that it hangs on until we can get another one...sigh...

Good used tractors run about $5000 to $8000 for a model Greg can repair himself (we don't need anything snazzy lol) and that is big just can't have horses without a decent tractor. We were able to save on the truck tires and are putting a $175 from that fund towards the tractor so our grand total so far is $375 towards the tractor!

If you know of anyone who might have a tractor they are no longer using, please let us know...we are on a very tight budget so it will have to be second hand...or if you have or might know of anyone who has a tractor they would like to donate PLEASE email me

Or you can help by decorating our tree - funds from that (we won't total it till the first of the year) will go towards the tractor!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Newest Angel Acres Tree Update - YEA!!

Our Christmas Tree Event is in full swing! More cards and gifts for the horses have arrived!

Big Thanks to Ellen of Chicago, Teresa M. in memory of her Little Bichon Tony Tyler passed away Dec 2, 2010, to LONG time supporter Linda W and her son Alek and their gorgeous OTTB, Calypso!

Thank you to Laura, Donna P, and Gail - thank you all so very, very much!

Big thanks to Caitlin T and Stacie L. for sending a binkie for Crocket!!! That was so very, very sweet!!!

If you'd like to help decorate our tree, simply send a holiday card with a $1 donation to:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Thank you to everyone helping us...we could NOT do what we do with your support!

We are Roberta's Christmas Wish - How Wonderful is That?!

Friend of Angel Acres, Roberta of Florida, had sent out an email last month asking her friends and family to donate to Angel Acres instead of Christmas presents for truly, wonderfully kind of her!

We recently received an anonymous donation in her honor (online), Roberta herself made a very generous donation and we just received a Christmas card for our tree with a donation in honor of Roberta. We want to thank her for this awesome, selfless gift...biggest thanks from the entire Angel Acres Gang!

Recent cards that arrived for the tree are - Delma in honor of Roberta's Christmas wish, Aunt Carol from Elizabeth, PA., and Leslie P. We also received a card from Crockets foster Mom Deanne and her son Matthew. And we received a card from Greg's coworker's Vicki and her husband Bob and son Lucas! How awesome is this blog?!

Thank you everyone for helping us help more horses in need by decorating our tree!! Most recent picture is shown :o)

If you would like to help us decorate the tree simply send a holiday card with a $1 donation to us at:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on the Angel Acres Tree - YEA!!

Big thanks to Chris for giving us a card at the Padonia Station Event and for helping with getting the event ready...sooooo...received some cards for our tree today!

Big thanks to Chris & Clyde (same Chris :o) , Carrie & Roscoe, Mary Jo, and Brody from Winter Springs, Florida!

Thank you all for helping us help horses in need by decorating The Angel Acres Tree!

See adorable Santa in the car below for info on how to help us decorate the tree!
Cartoon designed by our graphic designer, Carol Griffiths, of Ebrand Advertising!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yea! Update on the Angel Acres Christmas Tree!

Big thanks to the following folks who sent in a card to help decorate out tree and help us take care of the velvet-nosed gang!

Ron & Wendy and their OTTB's Metro & Porkchop, Adams County SPCA, Ginny S, Martha & Stormy - (Martha is Mom to Angel Acres OTTB Stormy), Kathy L, Monica B, and Cindy & Dennis! We so appreciate your kindness and generosity to your gang!

If you would like to help us decorate the tree simply send a holiday card
with a $1 donation to us at:
Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Monday, December 6, 2010

Angel Acres Christmas Tree Update!

Thank you Toi of Apple Butter Treats - Official Treats of the Angel Acres Gang - for sending her Christmas card with a donation for the velvet-nosed gang!

Thank you for thinking of our gang...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Padonia Station Angel Acres Dec 7 Silent Auction List!

1. Hound and Fox artificial Wreath
2. LARGE Race Card SIGNED by Jockeys!! 2009 (Rachel Alexandra year)
3. LARGE Race Card SIGNED by Jockeys!!! 2010
4. Bud Lite Wood Bench and 2 Ravens collectors Tins of UTZ Potato Chips
5. Basket of CoverGirl Makeup-
6. Coffee Basket- Templeton Thompson CD’s, 2 Southern States Travel Coffee Mugs, gift certificates for 2 cups of coffee, $25 gift card Kingsdene Nursery.
7. Note Cards- Horsey, from Stablemart, Bottle of 14 Hands Wine, and
$50 Bluestone Restaurant Gift Certificate
8. Casserole Dish- Phoenix Pottery Studio, $20 Gift certificate from Soup’R Natural Restaurant, Hereford, MD.
9. Faith Hill/Tim McGraw license plates (1 of each) and mousepads (1 of each)
10. Brighton Watch- bright green band, $25 gift certificate to Patrick’s Restaurant
11. Sterling Silver Bracelet- Alpha Gold Exchange
12. 14k David Yerman Style handmade Topaz Ring- Alpha Gold Exchange
13. 2 Jody Jaffe AUTOGRAPHED Books- “Chestnut Mare, Beware” and “A Horse of a Different Killer”.
14. Pearl Bracelet, earrings handmade by Julia Lauer/ 2 tickets to BSO show.
15. Stuffed Child’s Bear, Horse calendar and Breast Cancer Breyer horse
16. Soup Crock (Phoenix Pottery Studio), Panera Bread for a year!!
17. “The Story of Storm Cat” Autographed by the author, Horse tin, Silpada horse pin, bottle of 14 Hands wine.
18. Original Watercolor print
19. Butler Gallery Original artwork by Victoria Salvano, “The Block in Baltimore”
20. Horsey notecards- Stablemart, Spur sterling silver earrings, crafted by Kabana - In House Jewelers
21. Dog Grooming-by Yvonne, Dog print pocketbook, Autographed book about dog by Dean Koontz, 1 4lb bag of Blue Seal Dog Biscuits
22. 2 20 lb bags Blue Seal Dog food ( 1 Pork and Barley, 1 Performance), 2 bags Dog Biscuits.
23. Coffee Basket- 5 coffee certificates, 1 coffee mug Southern States
24. Poinsettia artificial wreath from Valerie Matricciani, Snowman rug
25. Dr. Starr Parsons Massage, Chiropractor, $50 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card
26. Butterfly prints-
27. Butterfly prints-
28. Platinum Performance -25lb bucket, Platinum garment bag, Platinum hat and calendar
29. Chocolate lovers basket- Sharffen Berger chocolates!!
30. Horse Racing Plate by Ouisha and $25 gift card from Wegman’s
31. Autographed Secretariat photo and Secretariat Beanie Baby collectible horse
32. Rocking Horse- that moves and whinnies
33. Outback Gift Basket- Bottle of Pino Grigio wine, 2 wine glasses, gift card, bread board.
34. Day at the Races for you and 25 of your friends at Laurel or Pimlico
35. Autographed Football – Jean Seiler NOT all Ravens players.
36. Zenyatta Poster (framed) and Zenyatta Breyer Xmas ornament
37. AMF Bowling Family Pack – 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pitcher of soda and box of popcorn Timonium bowling lanes.
38. Treks Climbing Wall passes for 8.
39. 4 tickets to Medieval Times Banquet and Show
40. Season Ski Pass to Ski Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail.

Alder Hill Farm Answers Angel Acres Good Rescue List - WAY COOL!!

Yesterdays article briefly went into my experience with Sharon Crumb and tips to ask a horse rescue before you donate assuming rescue is not yet a GFAS facility - the article is here.

Several folks shared and reposted the story, Alder Hill Farm went a step further and took the time to answer the Angel Acres "questions to ask before you donate" (for horse rescues not yet GFAS Accredited or Verified facilities) List for their rescue.

I hope they will place this on their site for everyone to see...hhhmmmm....if you are rescue and answer these questions, please let me know and I will post them and add a permament link to them to our site and blog, etc ;o)

From Alder Hill Farm "Here are the tips with Alder Hill Farm's answers right out for everyone to read!!!" (I bolded the article questions and comments, Jo)

1) Where are you located? Different areas of the country have different setups for horses. Walnut Grove, MO in the heart of QH and fox trotter land where are a right not a privelege and everyone has a backyard with a horse or 2

2) How long have you been operating? Are they brand spanking new or been at it awhile? We have been in operation since 2004 with pictures, newspaper articles and references to prove our care and commitment to EVERY horse that enters our facility

3) What kinds of horses do you rescue? All breed or breed specific? Although we originally started out rescuing 64 PMU foals by directly outbidding a kill buyer, we rescue any horse any need and have almost all breeds represented out our farm!

4) What are you rescuing them from? Abused, neglected or slaughter bound, or some of each? All of the above, we also try to accept as many surrender horses as possible when the owners care enough to contact us and are not trying to make a quick buck. Our goal is prevent horses from ever entering the slaughter pipeline by working with owners.

5) What is your greatest need? Don't be surprised if they say "monetary donations" it is a legitimate and important need in rescue. However, many will also need blankets, hay, feed, equipment, etc. Our greatest need at the moment is monetary, but donations can be made directly to our vet. We have a large vet bill on Wrangler, a 5 mo-old colt we rescued that we just lost to ulcers. We also need money for grain and donations can be made directly to the feed store. We can always use more blankets, feeders and most all "horsey" items. We are in great need of mini tack to train our minmis for equine therapy. We also need a small tractor with a 3-oint hitch as our horses are 5 miles apart and it takes 1/2 a day to drive our tractor between the farms to feed hay!

6) Do you allow visitors? Any good rescue should be able to allow a visit within a few days if they do not already have visiting hours in place. We love visitors and although we have not yet established visiting hours, we always welcome and encourage everyone to come out and meet the fur gang! Treats, carrots or attention MUST be provided, however!!!

7) Do you have non volunteer references I can call? (BE SURE TO CALL THEM!) Vets, farriers, other rescues, professional horse people etc!!!!

8) How many horses are you placing (if they adopt out) each week/month? Point of reference - NO ONE is placing 30 to 40 horses weekly / 120 horses monthly - into good, solid, inspected, application approved homes. If the claims are that high, ask to speak to adopters - if they balk, send your hard earned money elsewhere. I am very happy to say that we placed 2 horses in 2 absolutely wonderful homes! Not very many placed, but the homes were throughly vetted, references checked out AND I personally hauled the horses to CA from MO to ensure the homes were going to work out! We also brought two of our horses we adopted out in 2005 back to MO from CA because their owner was having financial difficulties and it was in the horses' best interests! NO horse will leave our facility unless we are assured it is going to as good or better home than we offer! We may not rescue 1,000 a year, but EVERY horse (currently 93) at our farm will be safe forever, not for a few days or weeks! 30 days to 30+ years, however long a horse needs sanctuary is how long they will be with us!

9) Ask how they find homes for their horses? Are they screaming the truck is coming and dumping them wherever they can or are they spending time matching horse with adopter? Advertising on horse website is ok! Most find us! We still have 34 from the original 64 we rescued in 2004, many others are surrender owners, a few are Craigslist free horse or below KB priced horses and 4 auction horses we rescued June 25, 2010 (2 of which are adopted and will be leaving in the spring, 1 is pregnant and will be available for adoption after she foals, and 1 is going under training at the rescue this winter).

10) General rule of thumb - if you are not digging the vibe you are getting when asking these questions, thank them and move on. Any good rescue will be receptive to your questions and answer them willingly, many rescuers are happy to talk about their rescue as it is their passion. If you catch them at a busy time, ask if you can set up an appointment to chat about their program. Please email or4 call (417-543-4711) anytime to ask questions, just talk about the horses or to set up an appointment!!!!

11) If the rescue person refuses to answer questions or gets defensive that should be a HUGE red flag. See #10 above! You will not be blocked, ignored or treated rudely by anyone at Alder Hill Farm for any questions or comments so long as it isn't profane or threatening.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tree Update & Special Donation For Crocket

Big Thanks To Lisa and Allison for sending a special donation for Crocket to decorate the Angel Acres Christmas tree!!!

If you would like to help us decorate the tree simply send a holiday card with a $1 donation to us at:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

And please check out our new Homeless Horses community page on FaceBook! No American domesticated horses are unwanted - ALL domestic horses WERE wanted at one time, they have simply outgrown the purpose for which they were bred and are now looking for a second career!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angel Acres Christmas Tree Update! YEA!!

Big thanks to Lorraine & Bill, Susan B, Lynne F, Linda & Roy, Lara & Ray at Teakwood Farm, Betty & Charlie, & The Schneider Family for helping us help horses and decorate the Angel Acres tree!

The picture is a little dark because the light blew out...ugh! Will have a better one the next time we update! We update every day that we get cards for the tree :o)

If you'd like to help us decorate our Angel Acres Christmas Tree simply send a card with a $1 donation to -

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329