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Friday, April 22, 2011

Angel Acres Is Going To Missouri - Our Message Is Anway ;o)

Angel Acres

Hay, We Need It!

Finish This Board?

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We are just $145 away from getting the first Missouri Billboard up in the Branson area.

Why a billboard? Isn't the internet good enough? Folks can hide facebook posts, delete emails, not visit websites, unfollow on twitter, etc. - there are a TON of ways to not see the sad things that happen in life. It's hard to ignore a 14ft high by 48ft wide image of two nuzzling horses with their plea to stop being slaughtgered towering over a major interstate!

We are trying to get the message out to the public in as positive a fashion as possible (no graphic photos) - our horses are being slaughtered! The educational companion website hits are increasing daily - meaning people are seeing the billboard and then visiting the site.

We believe this is the BEST way to get the word out to the non-horse owning public - a billboard without the website Stop Slaughtering Us (non-graphic) would not be as effective. We are not funded by anyone other than you, our readers and supporters.

We have received no grants (yet), no corporate funding, no government support, nothing. This is TOTALLY a grass roots, by our boot straps effort! We have had 2 wonderful animal groups with horse interests sponsor two boards (Raleigh and Richmond going up soon) - which is WAY COOL!

People cannot fix a problem they are not aware of & many people in the United States do not know thousands of horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered – DAILY.

The Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign is a grassroots effort designed to change that, one driver and one billboard at a time.

We receive no federal, state or corporate funding for this awareness and educational effort.

PLEASE help us raise the funds needed to get this board up.

You can click HERE to donate securely online to the campaign - Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization & all donations are tax deductible. Please be sure to note MO Billboard in designation box or you may help us by sending a donation to:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Please be sure to designate Missouri Billboard on your donation.

Have a great weekend and THANK YOU for helping us spread the word,

Jo Deibel :o)

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329

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