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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grace - 3 Weeks Later...Oh My, What A Little Love Can Do...

This is Grace at 3 weeks after being rescued from allegedly being kept in a garage (where you keep a car) for 2 +/- years, not being fed and being denied water. She is enjoying a nuzzle with our trainer, Jessie.

This is significant because we were told that she was "extremely head shy" anymore, now that she has food and someone to love her...I'd be head shy too if my owner wasn't feeding me and kept me in a garage!

Her arrival story is HERE. and her page on Angel Acres website is HERE.

This is what she looked like upon arrival you can see she is looking better already! BIG thanks to Foster Mom Clare for taking such great care of her and to Clare & Jessie for getting her back into the "I am now a loved horse" groove ;o)

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