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Monday, May 21, 2012

THIS is the mindset we are up against...sigh...

Below is my unedited response to an individual who wonders why I don't want horses to be slaughtered. I swear, I could not make up the stuff I get in my emails...from the naive to the nasty pro slaughter folks. I don't know where this one falls - but thought I would share just a sampling of what I get, daily.  

Emailers question is at very bottom, my response is immediately below...we are ANTI horse slaughter.


If they (as in the folks who slaughter horses) were "putting them down" humanely, I would have a paying job. 

Horse slaughter is not, at any point in the process from auction to killing floor, humane. The captive bolt is NOT humane for horses. 

Mares, pregnant mares, foals, stallions, etc all being crammed on double decker trucks made for much shorter cattle and the being beaten, screamed at, electrocuted, etc  to get off the truck is NOT humane. Horses hanging upside by one leg with their throats slit still being able to reach out and kick their killer is NOT humane.  Mares having their foals literally ripped out of the stomachs and live foals being tossed in the trash is not humane.

(all mentioned above are documented via video taped events at horse slaughter plants and those are just a few of the thousands of documents abuses taking place at slaughter plants)

Skinny, starved, abused etc horses usually do NOT go to slaughter. The kill buyers get paid for horses in good weight and usually do not buy old, starved horses or sick horses. 

And if they are ill - and usually they are not - who is going to want to eat them? You do know that humans are eating horse meat? Horse meat tainted with cancer causing drugs - would you (if you ate meat) eat a sick cow - or if you don't eat meat would you eat an obviously rotten apple or orange.

There isn't a horse on the planet that deserves to be slaughtered.

Trust me, I work NON STOP from the minute I wake up till, well let's see it's Sunday at nearly 9pm and I am still working, I go to bed, if it were humane I wouldn't be writing this email and I would have a normal life without the horrors I have to see, almost daily.


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Dear Jo,
    One question. I want to know something. Why do you not want them to be slaughtered? I know it's bad but.... would you rather put them down or watch them suffer? One more question are they getting slaughtered for no reason or because they are ill. If its for no reason thats wrong. But if there ill they should be because they'll be in more and longer pain if their ill.

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