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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Angel Acres Members hits 76,000!

It's been a crazy, super busy summer so am WAY behind on blog posts and updates...but from here on out...we will be posting at least weekly!

Have you joined our cause, Stop Slaughtering Horses in the USA, on

SUPER big thanks to the folks at for cartooning me & featuring our cause & Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue this month!

We SO appreciate the wonderful folks over there helping us connect with the animal loving community!

We've surpassed 75,000 members in our cause and are heading towards 80,000.

Have you joined our cause yet?

This months goal is for 5,000 folks to take the pledge to spread the word about horse slaughter.

Join today and TAKE THE PLEDGE!

Thanks SO much for being a part of our gang!

Jo :o)

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