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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mittens gets more mail than I do...nice ;o)

Super big thanks to everyone helping us decorate the Angel Acres Tree!!

More cards for our tree has arrived...some Mittens fans (truly, that cat gets more mail than I do!)  in the bunch and some great pics of your furry family members! YEA!!!

Super big thanks to...

The Morlocks from IN (BIG Fan of Mittens)

Dave & Deb from (Also BIG Mittens fans) MD

The Ailstock Family from VA

Natalie from WI

Bob from PA

Barbara from MD

John, Beth and Clare from NY

Suzanne from KY

Pam & memory of Encaustic from MD

Natalie, 11 years old - she had a rummage sale and donated to help us help horses in need - her rescue horse Ruby (thank you for the pic) and her kitty named Lily.

Todd, Chris & their furry kids Angus & Lucy

Our tree is getting there!  Thanks to everyone who is helping us fill 'er up!

Do YOU want to help us decorate our tree and help horses around the country at the same time? 

Simply send a holiday card with a $1 donation and we will post it on our tree, along with posting your name and state on blog!

Please send your card to us at:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Thanks so much!

Jo :o)

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