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Monday, September 23, 2013

Onassis - Her New Life Begins! YAY!

Remember Onassis? The grey drafty mare that was abandoned on the farm owner along with her companion mare? They had been dropped off for boarding.  They were not in the best shape when they arrived - folks asked if  they were rescues. (Onassis had been "rescued" from auction by owner and other mare had been adopted from another rescue)

When farm owner realized the horses were in trouble (owner making excuses, not paying board, not getting vet care horses need, etc) she called us, we suggested she contact other rescue to make them aware that horse owner was not paying board, not returning calls, etc. The rescue took back their mare and Angel Acres offered assistance with placing Onassis.

That process was delayed because during her "routine" vet visit (vet brought in immediately after horses were deemed abandoned) it was discovered she had a severe uterine infection and also needed surgery to repair the issue causing the infection.

We reached out to our readers and supporters to help us help Onassis and you did. The biggest donor was Animal Crime Institute covering half the cost of Onassis surgery!

This is her today (well, yesterday lol) going to her forever home with new mom, Lois!!

Our biggest thanks to everyone who helped us get this mare healthy and into a wonderful new home!!


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