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Saturday, October 19, 2013

WHY on Earth are your horses free to good home?!

We get asked this A LOT...and we're finally gonna put it out to the general public.

First, what does "FREE to Angel Acres APPROVED home" mean, exactly?

Click HERE for the answer and information on our Dollar Program Horses.

Our horses are free to approved home because we want to place them quickly into good homes so we can rescue more horses. When there is a fee that greatly reduces their chances of adoption. We used to have adoption fees (and there are TONS of good rescues that charge adoption fees, we simply have chosen to hold other events, fundraisers, etc that offset those fees) but realized it didn't matter whether someone paid $500, $2500 or $5000 the SAME exact situations (causing return of horse) occurred at all adoption fee levels.

You might be thinking, "Holy COW!! They are just giving horses away to anyone who shows up!!"

There IS a financial investment on the part of adopter - after they fill out application (it is thoroughly screened) are approved for adoption and adoption contract is signed - they are REQUIRED to use a hauler of our choosing. We use specific haulers that are essentially our eyes on the ground & will return the horse to us if property / adopter / whatever is not legit, etc. 

EXAMPLE: We don't allow barbed wire fencing to house our horses. If potential adopter states they have no barbed wire on application, but hauler gets there with horse, and barbed wire is present, horse comes back to Angel Acres. It really does goes down just like that. (That's just ONE example of what could cause a return haul)

ALL Dollar Program horse are up to date on everything, yes everything. Shots, feet, teeth, worming, Coggins, etc .

ALL Dollar Program horses are being schooled on the flat and over fences until they day they leave.

We work VERY hard to make a good match between horse and adopter. We are as thorough as we can be without being "Super Stalker Detective Rescue".  

You will never be stuck with an Angel Acres horse. If we can't accept them back at the moment you should need to return them (we hope that never happens but we aware that we are not in Lollipop Land of Fairies and Glitter & forever happy endings sometimes turn into "happy for now - till happy ending can be found") we will remote place them, board them out...whatever it takes to ensure our horses are safe, happy and healthy.

We will NEVER turn away our own horse, ever.

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