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Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Angel Acres Day

Hi All
This is Fran who is blogging for Jo.. I have had a total Angel Acres day today! I started at 7:30 and rode with Jackie our shipper to pick up a pony near Penn National which had been purchased by Jill at New Holland last week. Cute pony and well behaved.. Then we stopped over at one of the satellite farms in Freeland to check on the gang over there. Mares seem very content. One of the newest bays has a white blaze and is a lovely mover!! After that off to Sparks to give KC a bath. He is the sweetest horse you have ever seen. Has gained 200+ lbs but has a long way to go so Jackie has put him into a nutrition program. Thank you Platinum Performance for sending us your Weight oil to help.. It is working. He had a great bath and is really feeling great after pampering by Jackie. Then off to the barn at JM PEarce. Goldie is progressing well however his heels still have a way to go. I will email photos tomorrow... Everyone fine today!! Lucky lucky horses!! All for now- all the best- Fran

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