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Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Holland

On Monday, Angel Acres met up with Jill & Sally from Shiloh Horse Rescue and Bev from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue, at the New Holland Sales Stables.

As always, we hoped we would go home with an empty trailer...instead Angel Acres, with the help of Mid Atlantic and the Eight Belles Fund got 3 OTTB's. They are currently in quarantine in MD.

Shiloh took 6 & 1/2 horses (one was a darling mare with a foal by her side and she is in foal) all are quarantined with the Angel Acres horses.

Click here to read Shiloh's latest updates ... I LOVE their blog and of course, Traveler!

We will post pics of the 3 OTTB's here soon...Fran Burns will be keeping the blog updated for Angel Acres...THANK YOU FRAN!

Have a great day everyone!


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