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Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue
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Friday, March 27, 2009 post by marie for angel acres!

Angel Acres is a truly wonderful shelter and by a caring and devoted president...Jo Deibel.

This is a place where abused, injured and unwanted horses get a second chance at life. Instead of being inhumanely slaughtered for overseas human consumption, these lucky horses now can live out their natural lives in forever homes.

Learning about the horrors that over 100,000 horses face each year, it was impossible to turn my back on these amazing creatures. Only rarely does the public hear about these horses...a large percentage of them being ex-racehorses that have literaly "run" out of time.

Maybe they didn't earn enough or maybe they did make hundreds of thousands for their owners but then started to lose more races than not, or were just completely worn out and broken. It is heartbreaking to watch the video of what becomes of most of these horses...being brought to auction, not being given water or food, being bought by 'Kill buyers', hoarded onto overcrowded trailers only to travel countless hours...still with no food or their incredibly inhumane death.

Tears sting my eyes as I write they did when I first learned of this last year. I couldn't turn away. I had to do something....anything to help out these horses. Luckily I found Angel Acres on the internet and have become a supporter, doing and giving what I can to help make a difference.

I hope and pray that this little rescue wins the Shelter Makeover contest so that they get a chance to give hundreds more horses their second chance at life.

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