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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOW Post From Pepper!

From the web site by Pepper! we are once again, humbled...thank you for your kindness Pepper!

If you love pets, and horses in particular, you will love Jo Deibel and Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue!

Angel Acres is in southern PA and is beautifully nestled in the farmlands that surround it. The area around it is gorgeous for horses to romp, gallup and enjoy! Jo is the surrogate mom for all the horses there...caring for them as though they were babies. And even though they are not babies, they need that tender loving care that Jo gives so well. Jo rushes to the aide of horses that have been abused, abandoned, injured and marked for slaughter. Some have physical problems, some have hearts that have been hurt. ALL need a good home!

Jo takes care of all the horses that she rescues, they are kept clean, well fed, well housed and most of all LOVED! When the horse is ready, Jo reluctantly says good-bye with a kiss on the nose! You see, she has found them a good home with folks who will love and care for them for the rest of their lives. Just as Jo has cared for them while they were at Angel Acres!

I have seen Jo on her hands and knees in a pasture, picking out every twig and pebble. She is a very hands-on person, putting up fences, grading a soon-to-be pasture, running the office, answering phones, interviewing prospective adopters, running to the store for a much need item for a new horse, meeting with the vet and farrier and attending events featuring horse rescues! But she still has time for every horse, every day!

As wonderful as her rescue is, she could really use some help with a make-over! A Zootoo make-over! She has made it into the top 20 and I think she and all her horses who will pass through Angel Acres deserve it!

Jo has a very loyal following....I have adopted three Thoroughbreds from her! She never forgets their names or mine! In fact, she can tell you everything about every horse who has had the pleasure to meet her. She is kind and loving--the horses know it, even the new horses come when she calls their names.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jo through a fellow "Fan of Barbaro" and my life has never been the same! She hooked me up with the very best horses for me (TooProud, Dil and Royal Good) and now we are all the happiest family ever! Jo has grown her rescue piece by piece from the ground up. I cannot think of anyone who is more in love with their work! She truly cares for her horses! As soon as they see her, they all start to whinny or snort....and it's not because it's feeding's because they love her too!

If you have love in your heart and room on your property, consider talking to Jo about Angel Acres. Horseback riding can be for everyone. My husband and I are very relaxed, easy-going riders--out for a mid-morning ride around our property on the weekends. Other riders may like the dressage route. Either way, Jo has been taking care of that perfect horse for you! Just give her a call!

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is SUPER!!

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