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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From R.T. Fitch - Thank you...

Congrats Angel Acres
Please see below our Habitat for Horses perspective on our direction as posted to our boards.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Journey through's been a long a dusty ride; it's rained, there's been hail, the wind has blown and I even lost my hat but we never wavered, we stuck together and we are getting ever closer to our destination.

Boy; we have had a few laughs, shared some interesting stories around the campfire, taken goofy pictures and built relationships that will last a life time. The best trail ride I have ever been on. We have seen people ride up out of the posse and take the lead, folks we never thought of as trail bosses, before, but they were there, right up front leading us onward with their steely gaze forever fixed on the future and their reins firmly grasped within their hands.

It was a metamorphosis that was a wonder to behold, even the horses took note.But we are at a fork in the trail, we thought we were supposed to go one way, but through several twists and turns we now know the exact direction that we must go...and in making that turn, we further help the horses.

The direction that we are heading is towards Angel Acres Horse Haven, they need our help and we promised to give it to them. They pledged their loyalty to us, and we now return the favor and head off down the trail to help them. We do it because we are one in our mission, our call and our love.

We pick up the speed of our ride as the horses feel the thrill, the excitement of being recognized, of being in the lime light, of having hope.As we near Angel Acres ranch, we brandish our cell phones in one hand while we clutch our reins in the's time for the Habitat for Horses Posse to call for help, we need to bring in the troops, we must circle the wagons.

Only as a unified team can we ensure that Angel Acres reaches out and grasps that ZooToo golden equine ring of hope and as lovers of the horse's spirit we will bear them on our backs to ensure that they win because that, my friends, is what selfless rescue is all about...and "that" is what we are all about."GO ANGEL ACRES!"...we will help you make it so!

Giddy-up and ride hard, my friends, the horses are depending on us!!!!R.T.

R.T. FitchAuthor -
"Straight from the Horse's Heart"
The Force of the Horse®, LLC

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