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Monday, April 20, 2009


What a teaser...I know...but we are just getting back into the groove after several successful meetings in Las Vegas...then a weekend in Harrisburg.

Natty Boh AKA Super National is getting ready for his trip to Colorado. We have horses coming and going and its a bit crazy here!

We will post more updates tomorrow...a bunch of them...stay tuned!

We would also like to thank Shiloh Horse Rescue for their wonderful idea and blessing with our newest project...The Feed Angels...based wholly on their Feed Fairies project. Many of you know that we are all about working together (and well, we just plain love Shiloh Horse Rescue, the best in the West!) and helping raise awareness about horse rescue and the need for owner and breeder responsibility.

We are working on a feed fairy/feed angel help us help our supporters help the horses!! More details...sssooonnnn... I know, I know...I am making you wait...Sorry!! LOL!

Have a happy day everyone!

Jo :o)

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