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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cee Cee Update - Parelli Foster Training - From Amy!

Hello Jo,

Hope the fair is going well. I'm sure going back and forth is weighing on you!

I just returned from my 3rd session with Cee Cee this week. My first statement is WOW ... she is one remarkable horse on so many levels! Her progress each time we play is just incredible in that she retains every little tidbit and moves on to give even more than the last time. Our focus has been developing her confidence with objects, areas, thresholds, etc and also using some leading exercises. She trotted along with me many times tonight ON HER RIGHT SIDE, stopped and even backed, once just off my body movement (no action in the lead line or w/ the stick!). I was also able to drive her front end in a complete 360 circle just off the energy in my body!

We were working on figure 8's with orange cones which she was quite skeptical about at first. We worked through those thresholds for a a few minutes and all of a sudden she marched up to the one cone and knocked it over with her nose! Then, she came over to me and nicely asked for me to scratch her forehead. HUGE for her!

Her foster mom Angie and her foster brother Dreamer are all loving her too! CeeCee is such a VERY HAPPY HORSE!

With this progress, we may begin working on mounting and riding as early as next weekend!

I'll try to remember to bring my camera along when we play on Monday to give you some blog/facebook photos to post.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend,


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