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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dumpster Diving For Angel Acres ;o)

Well, well, like Ms. Fran, Linda and Scott are on their way to a race track in Maryland...they are on a mission...Dumpster Diving for SHOW Program Labels to help the Angel Acres horses!! What a wonderful thing to do for our rescue horses!

They will be rooting through lots of feed bags (scissors and stapler in hand) for the Legends, Reliance and Triple Crown labels (proof of purchase NOT bar codes) from the feed bags left for recycling at the track. Each label they collect earns us 25 cents...may not sound like a lot...but so far, Ms. Fran aka Dustins' Dreamer and Gee's Mom, has collected (in about a week) $72 worth of labels!! Thats at least 7 bags of grain for our gang!!

Be sure to write to Fran for more info about the program!

Thanks Gang!! sure to check out the Angel Acres Gift Store for great gifts for your horse and non horsey friends!

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