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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tee Abandoned At Farm - Now Beloved Horse...Priceless...

Tee and Thelma...Thelma adopted Tee about 3 weeks ago...looks like he's found his forever home!

Tee was abandoned at a boarding farm in Northern York County and after 6 months, the owner of the farm needed to get him placed...and we give this gentleman a TON of credit!

He took care of Tee, got his feet done, fed him, made sure he was groomed, etc AND tracked me down (we were away, then cell trouble, then sick son etc) and asked for our help...all while trying to track down the dead beat woman who owned him...he followed the rules of playing fair and still lost out on 6 to 8 months board...sigh...

Why can't people take care of their animals and if not, ASK FOR HELP instead of avoiding the issue and putting their horse in danger? The gentleman could have sent Tee off to auction, but he has a kind heart and didn't want to do that, lucky for Tee...others horses have not been so lucky who were in a similar situation.

Kudos to Charlie for taking care of him, Kudo's to our favorite Parelli Student/Instructor Amy for offering him a ride and refusing to accept a penny, and of course, Kudo's to Thelma for taking this sweet guy into her heart and home!

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