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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Padonia Station Event!

The Angel Acres 2nd Annual Padonia Station Fundraiser was a huge success! We had lots of people come and visit, eat dinner and bid on the silent auction times!! YEA!!

BIG BIG BIG Thanks to Fran Burns who worked tirelessly to make this event go off without a hitch! Working behind the scenes for 6 weeks, asking for silent auction items, driving around the state of MD to pick them all up, package them together, wrote, rewrote and rewrote again the entire list for the site and on and on and on...there really isn't enough space here to tell you everything Fran did for the rescue for this event. Fran works DAILY to help us with all aspects of the rescue... THANKS FRAN, WE LOVE YOU!

Big Thanks to Anne Carter who wrote to different organizations and businesses telling them about our event and asking them if they would like to donate items...we can happily say all but three of the businesses were happy to donate to our auction!

Thanks to Alyssa who helped Fran packaged up the items and ran to the store several times on "supply runs" and helped at the event!

And of course...big thanks to Debi Fowler and the Padonia Station Gang for having us back for a second year...we truly appreciate the kindness they have shown to us (and thanks Debi for the hay runs we ask you to make on 5 minutes notice lol)!!

Truly...we couldn't do what we do without the kindness, generosity and support of many, many people and it would be impossible to thank them all. We know we are very, very lucky to be able to run Angel Acres and save lives that would otherwise end horribly...for this...we are truly grateful.

And finally...big thanks to my husband, Greg Deibel, who puts up with lots of weird happenings on a daily basis (think Lucky and Ricky lol) and still comes home each night!!!!

Hugs from the entire Velvet-Nosed Gang at Angel Acres to everyone who helped make this a huge success for us!

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