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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update on 5 Horses - Fantastic!

The horses listed in this post were pulled from the kill pen by Angel Acres and were rehomed by Royce's Rescue.

Royce's Rescue wanted to help some horses (they were already helping other animals) but didn't have quarantine facilities available...ssssoooo...they called us, and together we decided they could help save a horse by taking some of (one at a time) our guys who had already been through the Angel Acres program and were ready for adoption, allowing us to pull more while helping them get new homes!


Hi Jo,
I thought you might be interested in hearing about some of the horses we have gotten from you and the success they are having.

Vena is pretty much retired living the good life here with us.

Dee is living with her owner on a farm where she is doing theraupudic riding for handycap children!

Mocha's owner is a guy who is just crazy about him and his outgoing personality, still here with us. We call Mocha the barn greeter because he shakes his head at everyone that comes near him as if to say hello.

Ledger who was left to starve (Angel Acres saved him from going to NH after being left to starve in a field, after winning over $200,000 for his owner! His is one of our most popular happy ending stories) is fat and healthy and a wonderful horse for his middle age owner who continues to lesson and learn on him also still here.

And then there's Sissy. Sissy has taken her 54 year old owner to championship in our Associated Horse Show circuit. She is a wonderful horse and very talented and they too are still here with us. It's amazing what life these horses still have after being disguarded.

Royce's Rescue is doing well. Very busy as you well know. Hope all is well with you. Linda


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