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Sunday, February 21, 2010

OT - Dog Related - There are scam rescues in EVERY field!

Thanks to for posting this and I am reposting here and hoping that all of our readers will share via facebook, digg, etc or their own blogs...this goes on EVERY single day and it permeates EVERY type of rescue (broker horses anyone) dog rescue (no app and your not keeping the dog?,oh no problem), cat rescue (oh, don't worry it's off the record if you declaw them, really...)....

PLEASE...spare us...BAD, RIP-OFF RESCUES - STOP ripping people off, do the right thing and either rescue and rehome because you love the animal, not for money...cuzz I am here to tell ya' (yep Jo has NOT had enough coffee this morning) that rescue (at least horse rescue) done not going to pay your bills, pay your salary, your spanking new car, new truck etc...REAL rescuers do it because they saw a problem, were outraged and (more than likely) changed their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to make a difference...and dammit I am so frigging tired of seeing this makes my skin sure to watch the video of two ladies talking...when I have had enough coffee I will come back and edit this be more ladylike and polite...right now...I am TICKED!

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