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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mojito Gets His Tooties Done - WOW - What A Day!

When Mojito came in to Angel Acres we had been told that his feet had "been done"...well, that meant that the gentleman that he got dumped off on, felt so bad for him (hence the reason we got the call in the first place & he wasn't shot) that he removed the shoes that were on his feet. He didn't even know he had shoes on when he was dropped off because the foot had completely overgrown them!

Look at that sweet, adorable face nuzzling Mr. Chuck...and yes...he REALLY, TRULY is as kind as he looks...

Mojito, an 18 year old Thoroughbred who ponied at the track for at LEAST 10 years, arrived at Angel Acres with his feet in beyond deplorable condition (think platapus/dinner plate feet), his coat was sticky and he had sores down his back and looked dehydrated, to say the VERY least he was in rough shape. Not the shape you'd expect for a horse that worked his WHOLE LIFE for his owner - he was going to be shot or shipped direct to slaughter if we had not been able to intervene and rescue him.

Hhhmmmm....seems Mojito was able to snooker Mr. Greg into getting just - a - little - closer - to the hay pile!!! LOL!!

Today, has been just over 2 weeks since his arrival and he has gained just a bit of weight - we had absolutely no idea what he had been eating, but we knew it wasn't much as he was painfully thin - so we started him on a refeeding program. His skin is DRAMATICALLY better and his coat is looking much better too - the dullness is slowly being replaced by a shiny, new coat.

Mojito's first shoeing was successful - but it took A LOT of work on Chucks part - this horse's feet have been neglected and poorly managed for so long it will take another round of work before we see any dramatic improvement. Chucks best guess of last real foot care? YEARS...sigh...

The right foot in the above photo is done and is padded with soft latex and gives him lift and support - more will be posted about the progress of his feet on his page this coming week.
Mojito after his tooties were done and he was able to finally walk without tripping and stumbling!!

BTW - Many of you remember Chuck, he was the amazingly, wonderful blacksmith that saved Mattie's life back in January of 2007. With Chucks expert care and help, Mojito should be able to live a full and happy life and we feel strongly he will be someone's pride and joy!

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