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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After Hidden Meadows Nightmare - A Few Tips!

I have gotten a few private emails and keep seeing this posted in ref to HMER "what can we do to stop situations like this?"

1) Support good rescues that are GFAS Accredited, on or one you can go and visit for YOURSELF.

2) Good groups that work with other good groups or larger animal welfare groups.

3) Good groups that have SOME IDEA of where the next load of hay is coming from and aren't raising funds for the everyday items, continually. Heck, we all need public help, but there are red flags if the fundraising is relentless and there is no other source of funding. Such as, grant writing, adoption fees, in person fundraisers, etc.

4) Groups that do NOT scream "the truck is coming" in panic mode DAILY...sadly, the truck is ALWAYS COMING.

5) Do NOT Support groups that refuse to answer your questions, get belligerent with you when you ask where a horse is, or blocks you.

6) Do NOT support groups with NO after care and ridiculous claims of placing 50+ horses a week UNLESS they can show you where those horses are going! Getting a horse from the auction to be given away to anyone who opens up there wallet is NOT a good idea. That puts the horse at risk of abuse, neglect or as we have seen lately, back at the sale to be rescued again!

7) Ask to see the horses (do NOT show up unannounced) and schedule an appt. Don't worry about being fooled...No one is going to fix a nightmare like Hidden Meadows or the chick out West in a few days, not going to happen.

8) Be polite, send intelligent emails, but SEND them and ask questions.

9) If in doubt, follow your instincts and find somewhere else to donate your hard earned money too!

Just my lil ole two cents!

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