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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Token Needs Forever Home - SOLID Trail Horse!

Token was adopted out by Angel Acres about 2 years ago to a fantastic family in Erie, PA (which is where he is located now). He is now in need of rehoming as soon as possible (plus he is OUTSTANDING and will make someone incredibly happy).

He is a 16.1 hand bay, 9 year old, thoroughbred gelding. We want to place him in a trail horse home...he can trail ride and has never taken off, never bucked, never reared or done anything even remotely silly on the trail. Cars pass, ducks, cows, deer, etc he looks and moves on, he is an EXCELLENT trail horse and loves it!

He is NOT a cribber and is absolutely super duper sweet and quite the looker!
They do not want to make him uncomfortable doing ring work and want to place him directly into a new, loving forever home.
His owner is a repeat Angel Acres adopter and wants to do more ring work and showing and stuff, Token can do it, but the tight circles and other ring activity tend to make him just slightly gimpy on occassion.

Please email for more information.

He will be going out under the $1 horses program, PLEASE click here to read about the program BEFORE emailing if you are not familiar with the Angel Acres $1 Program.

ALL horses adopted out through this program MUST be transported via a professional hauler. A few people have asked about our definition of a professional hauler. A professional hauler is a hauler who is experienced, insured & basically hauls horses for a living.

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