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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nebraska Needs LIVE Horses - NOT Slaughtered Ones!

Horses that are alive require food, hay, water, worming, medicine, vetertinary intervention, trailering, tootie care, dental work and on and on are horses that contribute to the economy.

When a horse eats hay we can see the trail of dollar signs that stay within a community.

First, let's follow the path of hay from hay seed to horse!

A farmer uses his vehicle to go to feed / farm store to purchase hay seed, fertilizer, etc. Farmer than uses his equipment, that he purchased locally prior to planting, to prepare the land for the seed.

Farmer tills the land and plants the hay seed and fertilizes it.

After growing and reaching maturity the farmer cuts, rakes, fluffs, and bales his hay, then loads up and takes back to storage area. Farmer than puts ad in paper or online, etc to sell the hay.

Horse owner purchases hay to feed horse. Horse eats hay, produces manure, mushroom farmers and others pick up / purchase manure for good, organic fertilizer.

Now, let's look at the dollars spent directly in the community where horse lives: money was spent in the community for - gas, diesel fuel, seed, fertilizer, tractor, haying equipment, baling equipment, electricity, baling twine, workers to help, and many other things to numerous to list here (we want our readers awake lol).

This is for just ONE equine need - I could spend the next week listing how horses contribute to the economy but it will take me just 5 seconds to say this...

A dead horse STOPS contributing to the economy.

Tell Nebraska Senator Larson that horse slaughter is NOT going to be good for Nebraska's economy! (Join Stop Horse Slaughter in the USA cause by clicking HERE)

Sen. Tyson Larson
# District 40
# Room #1019
# P.O. Box 94604
# Lincoln, NE 68509
# Phone: (402) 471-2801
# Email:

HELP us SPREAD the word that horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia as Larson would have us believe. You can help us get a billboard up in Nebraska & help us educate the residents of Nebraska - click HERE to learn how!

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