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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Caring Hearts Really Cares About Horses!


We were working diligently to raise the funds for a Kentucky billboard to keep our awareness campaign moving forward around the nation - click here to see our WJZ TV story and the billboards in action - we were half way to the amount needed for the board in KY when I posted on the Angel Acres Facebook Page.

Pat, who has been an Angel Acres supporter for just over a year, posted a challenge to the Angel Acres Gang and offered to match all donations that came in till we reached our goal! We reached it in almost no time!!!

We truly cannot thank her and Caring Hearts enough; because of her challenge and the kindness of others who have donated to this board we will be putting up a board in KY!!! Reaching more people around the country to raise awareness about horse slaughter - click here
to see the billbaords companion site (no graphic images).

Also, Pat is the fabulous lady who offered up her barn without a moments hesistation for us to store the 2500 bales of donated hay we received this past summer. Pat has also supported us in our other fundraising efforts and continually offers her help and assistance.

Big thanks to Pat and Caring Hearts - we couldn't have done it without you!

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