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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abandoned Geldings in Michigan Update!

Update on the 2 Abandoned Geldings currently in Michigan with foster mom Nicola!

They are recovering well and will be brought into the main rescue late this month or early next month. These are the 2 newest pictures of them....eating well, and gaining weight slowly. The bay geldings HORRIFIC fur / skin condition has been see by the vet and Nicola is caring and bathing him as directed by vet (with prescribed meds)...he is doing well.

Their feet were in deplorable condition and they have been taken care of by the farrier and will be seen again before they leave for Angel Acres.

Nicola has offered to drive them the 10 hours to our rescue to save on costs as their total cost will be quite high...we are $432 away from the original goal we set for them when they arrived in foster care (we estimate the total rehab, retraining and rehoming to be double the initial cost upon arrival)...if you remember or saw the original blog posts - these two geldings were SUPPOSED to be in great condition which was so NOT the case...ORIGINAL POST HERE.

Their second update is HERE...

Please share and spread the word! They are both very sweet and kind and sound and we are sure will be anxious to get new families!


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