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Friday, May 13, 2011

And It Just Gets Worse - Sigh - 2 Geldings Update...

This morning the farrier and vet went out to the location of the two geldings we had moved from Minnesota to Michigan. Click HERE for original blog post.

Farrier says to foster dad (foster mom was at work), "this horse is hot, I don't know if he'll make it." (excerpt from longer conversation) Foster Dad IMMEDIATELY calls foster Mom, who immediately calls me...explains what's going on and I say, "ok, tell me how much experience your farrier has with horses," - she says, "he's not an alarmist and also trains" I say, "call the vet."

At the rescue we do not call the vet for stuff we can handle, low grade fever, minor injuries , gassy bellies, stone bruise, etc - we do call for ANY eye injuries, give banamine & and start walking and colicy horses and the vet is notified asap in case things go to hell in a hand basket. We have never lost a colicy horse we could keep walking and have only had 2 emergency colics in 8 years (successfully treated).

Since this foster family is taking care of stuff they never signed up for (remember they were supposed to be in "great shape" see previous blog ) I felt it best to have the vet out asap for an emergency / urgent visit since I wasn't there to assess the horses situation. Vet gave meds
& left detailed instructions for foster family and vet does believe he will survive, thank goodness!

Pictures have been sent from foster mom and I will be posting them later this weeked (they aren't too graphic but show the severe extent of the neglect these horses have endured) as this blog is replacing todays planned blog.

If you can help us with the cost of these two horses care, please make a donation to their care via the chipin below or you can donate, if you would like to, via secure credit card by clicking

I will update his condition as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read...tomorrow's blog will make you smile, I promise :o)

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