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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pro Slaughter Letter To Us


Pro Slaughter Letter To Us


This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Greg <>

A couple of things....
1) When you are you initiating your campaign against slaughtering cows?
2) Are you aware that because the US banes slaughtering horses here they are shipped thousands of miles (very stressful) and then slaughter under conditions the US has NO CONTROL OF.... Quite an unintended consequence of that Law by WELL MEANING people
3) Rescues can't take all the available horses because a lot of the horses that would have gone to slaughter aren't going and this has put rescues up to capacity...
4) More regular horses are suffering today as a result of the no slaughter law in the US BECAUSE their owners can't afford to keep them and can't sell them with so many free and cheap horses on the markets.. They are choosing to feed their human families and there is nothing left over to feed their horsey families... Malnutrition and Neglect is the result...

I found it hypocritical of animal activists who threw paint on fur coats BUT wore leather shoes JUST LIKE I find it hypocritical to campaign against HUMANE slaughtering of unwanted horses in the US while wearing leather shoes from Ssaughtered cows....

You may want to re-consider your position as I feel you are the cause of many many many more animals suffering now, than ever did before, when we had slaughtering here in the US... The ones going to slaughter in Canada and Mexico (transit and in their non US controlled houses) AND those left behind with owners who can't give them to rescues and can't give them away to anyone and can't afford to feed them...

I am a horse lover and own six well fed and cared for and loved horses....

Greg Phillips


Hi Greg,

1) I rescue horses NOT cows.
2) You are INCORRECT - horse slaughter is NOT banned (check your spelling) in the United States it is illegal only in TX, IL and CA.
3) The population of homeless horses in the USA is LESS than 1% of the total US horse population. There are also more horses in the USA now than there was 100 years ago.
How about making breeders breed more responsibly? WHY should rescues have to take in every horse simply because the owner / breeder decides to toss him or her away like yesterdays newsletter? Rescues need to rescue, not be the dumping ground for over breeders...
4) Back again to your incorrect information - horses CAN be slaughtered in the USA - there are currently 8 states with applications pending in the USA in different states to reopen horse slaughter plants.
5) There is NO such thing as humane horse slaughter.
6) I didn't throw paint on anyone, nor do I work with any groups that do, nor do I wear leather shoes.
7) How dare you call me the cause of horses being brutally transported and suffering at the hands of money grubbing horse killers.
YOU SIR, need to get the facts CORRECT before you send me an email accusing me of things that I have never done with your incorrect and error ridden email.
Tell me, Greg, what will you do when your 6 well loved horses time has come? Will you send them to slaughter?
Why attack someone like me who is working hard on behalf of the horses?
Have a fabulous day,
Jo :o)

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