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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel Acres - A Must Read This Week!

Happy Wednesday!
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The Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter Awareness Campaign is in full swing and more bumper stickers are available! Get your bumper sticker by clicking HERE.

They look just like the one shown to your left, it's on Sonja's car in Washington state and she is proudly displaying it everywhere she goes!

They are just $4 (our cost) and shipped to you with a brochure and a note - any extra donation goes towards the billboard campaign.

To learn more and purchase a bumper sticker just click here!

Click Here!
Wyoming billboard is up - right in the homestate of Sue Wallis. Be sure to check it out, and help us spead the word - horse slaughter is NOT human euthanasia!.
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Matties Legacy Fund
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Star was adopted out but due to her current owners prior injury she is unable to ride Star and must find a new home for her. Due to flooding and conditions here we need to rehome her via remote placement. She is gorgeous and going out under the $1 Horses Program...
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We just received Farley and Cheyenne from Baltimore County, MD. They were seized due to owner starving them. Learn about Farley - Learn about Cheyenne (photo is Farley 1 month post rescue)
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We've included this rescue pony in the happy endings because he is now safe from the nightmare situation he was in - original ad for this pony isHERE. (they call him Stupid, Meathead, etc we actually thought the ad might have been a joke, it wasn't)

He is still in need of sponsors (he doesn't have anyone yet) and has a long road to recovery. But thanks to some late night forum searching & our faithful followers we were able to raise his fee & money for transport to get him safely to the rescue...big thanks to everyone who helped get him to safey...interested in sponsoring him?

Thank you for being a part of the Angel Acres gang!
Angel Acres
Wishing you a fabulous week ahead,
Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
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