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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sad Weekend at Angel Acres - Sigh...

Friday night we found Snuggler not looking quite right, we administered im banamine and watched. Saw slight improvement but within a short time we knew it was beyond anything we could handle as the pain was too intense.

Fast forward to 1:15am Saturday morning...

the vet (not our regular vet as he is away) had to euthanize Snuggy due to a ruptured bladder. We have NO idea how this happened - he was FINE one minute and in pain the next.

We are devastated by the loss of Snuggler - he was a wonderful horse & had just become available (he was seriously injured last August and recovered completely - details are on our facebook page from August 2010)

We thought that it couldn't get worse, we were wrong. After an awful, sleepless night I went out
to feed the gang and found Jamaica Punch down in the runin (he is the EPSM horse). The feeling of utter dread was something I can't quite describe.

We did everything we could to get him up - we called the same er vet back & she came out and determined his legs could no longer hold him up, (he arrived at our rescue 3 months ago and was immediately put on EPSM diet) he was seen by our vet 2 weeks ago and vet saw improvement, nasty thrush he arrived with was gone and he was making (everyone thought) good progress.

Sadly, he was humanely euthanized by the vet on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon at about 2:15 pm.

Losing 2 horses in less than 24 hours is something we have never experienced and we are simply beyond sad - we've only lost 6 horses total in nearly 8 years - 2 in basically one day is just devastating for us.

Vet said their issues and subsequent deaths are not related (they weren't anywhere near each other on the farm).

We were planning on rescuing 2 more horses in their memory but have decided to wait - their vet bills and necropsy costs etc are over $1500 - this has depleted our emergency vet fund & we must work to rebuild that before we can move forward. If you'd like to help you can donate via our website Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue.

We will rescue two more horses in their memory as soon as we are able.

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