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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Easy Way To Help Angel Acres Via eBay!

Super Duper Thanks to All of the eBayer sellers listing items to help the Angel Acres gang! Be sure to check out the great items currently listed (there are nearly 900 items listed at the moment) by clicking HERE.

Check out our very own Angel Acres Hearts For Horses Valentine's Day Custom Engraved Pet Tags available on eBay - click HERE to see them.

We truly cannot thank the folks at eBay and MissionFish enough for helping not just our rescue, but the thousands of charities they help each day, by easily enabling folks to simply make a few clicks of their mouse and help some of their favorite charities!

Have you made Angel Acres one of your favorite charities on eBay? Click HERE to make us one of your favorites (its fast, easy and painless, I promise ;o)

619 people have made us one of their favorites!! Currently nearly 900 items listed to help the Velvet-Nosed Gang!! YEAA!

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