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Saturday, February 11, 2012


You may remember Pops The Mustangs' urgent situation - click HERE to read his original story.

He was in dire need of being rescued quickly. We posted that we needed help to get him to safety and lots of folks donated to get his transportation covered.

3 weeks ago the folks that agreed to take him went to go pick him did not go well. They spent over 2 hours trying to get him onto the trailer (basically he kept running into the woods).

Things went differently today, Carol - the fantastic lady who basically did all the leg work to get him into a mustang sanctuary - called a little while ago and left me a message that he was on the trailer (not happy about it, lol) but nonetheless on the trailer and headed to start his new life!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for your help with this sweet guy!! We cannot do what we do with you!

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