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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

URGENT - Assistance Needed For Abandoned / Surrendered Horses

We have been asked to assist with 2 horses in need.

The person who asked for our help has gone WAY above the call of duty for these two super kind horses...Short story - she agreed to board the 2 horses for "1 week" back in April of 2011...

Fast forward 10 months, & nearly $2,000 in board owed later - they were basically abandoned at the farm - the horses were finally surrendered to her.

See their pages on the website - Hershey's Page and J.J.'s Page.

Angel Acres has covered the hay and grain for this month via Mattie's Legacy Fund.

Normally, we would simply not say anything & go about our merry way of placing them...but this situation is different, and we need your help.

The horses are a 44 year old (seriously, not kidding) sound and healthy mare & the other mare is completely blind but is sound to ride and her previous owner has ridden her all over the place.

We are hoping to find a home that can handle a blind mare and the older mare. The older mare is completely sound and is the blind mare's wingman (wing-girl?) so we must keep them together.

The other option is that we find sponsors for them and allow them to live at the farm in peace.

We are hoping you can help by giving a donation, a sponsorship or possibly a home. Or simply sharing this blog post and help us spread the word about these two sweet girls and possibly find a sanctuary for them.

Thank you for taking the time read this post!

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