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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Angel Acres Response to a Yahoo Question...

One of our readers sent us a link to a yahoo question asking about rescue horses...after reading some of the other answers, I felt I should answer...


I run Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue and was reading some of the replies to your question. So, I am going to clarify some of the HUGE misconceptions about rescue we go...hang on!

1) Not ALL rescue horses have emotional or physical probs. We rescue sound, SANE, healthy thoroughbreds...their only vice...not fast enough to earn their keep.

2) Not ALL adoptalble horses are loans. We transfer ownership of our horses, with the exception of 3 horses over 5 years, and you are able to show, event, lease, sell (we do get first right of refusal) etc with your horse.

3) Adoption fees are not cheap and not expensive. They run anywhere (for our rescue) $1800 to $2500 on average. All horses are up to date, professionally evaluated and I personally hand pick each horse and adopter match...250+ matches and still going.

4) Make sure your seller or rescue facility will stand behind their horses. PERIOD. I cant tell you how many calls and emails I get asking where so and so rescue person is cause they sold them a bad horse, sick horse, not a match horse, etc.

5) Ask for references from your rescue, we want them from you, you have the right to ask to! And your best bet is to call another rescue, humane officer or spca agent and ask what they think of rescue so and so.

6) Rescues horses can and do make great first, second, third horses!

7)A horse that was bound for auction and/or slaughter has almost no shot at getting a private home. Your adoption from a REPUTABLE agency frees up another spot for another horse in need.

8)We survive on grants, adoption feed, donations and fundraising and volunteers.

9)Finally, thoroughbreds get a bad, undeserved rap! Only a small number of the 50,000 tbs bred each year ever make it to the track. They have to be able to run in a herd in a straight line and respect the horse and riders next to them. They have to be able to be squeezed in a lil box with a tiny rider on them and not flip out. They have to be intelligent and well mannered (most of the time)An OTTB allowed to be let down properly (they are stalled about 23 hours out of 24 per day) can usually turn into a wonderful horse!

We have horses adopted out from PA to Hawaii and everywhere in between, including Canada!

Thank you for wanting to help a horse in need.

If you would like other info please give me a call or drop me an email.

Have a happy day!Jo :o)

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
Phone: 717-965-7901
Fax: 866-892-5069
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