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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Luvie & Other Brief Updates!

I am sorry for the delay in getting the blogs out. My son has been going through some medical issues and we have been running ragged between docs and tests and moving horses around and all that jazz!! I will be more prompt in the future!

Luvie is doing great in his new home with Jenna and Russ. Jenna told me last night that Luvie just absolutely adores Russ and comes running whenever he sees him! We love happy endings like that, she will also be sending us a picture of him soon. She has been taking great care of him and she said his coat is AMAZINGLY shiny!! We are so happy for Luvie and his new family!!

Boo Boo Baby is coming back into Angel Acres from his 3 months of foster training and already has a showing scheduled. Wonderful family that has been waiting for just the right horse...we think Boo Boo may be the one!

Miss Kitty...we will have video of her on Weds...well, we will have it on Tues, but everyone knows I could get lost in a shoe box so I will say Weds to be safe! LOL! She is doing great and Libby will ride her and we will post that video with her listing.

Hay Hay continues to thrive in his foster home with Catherine!

We have 2 new horses coming in from just down the road and will be listing those guys asap...

Finally..,keep your eyes peeled for the Calories of Love Crew,..our newest available hores...

Cup O' Cuddles
Cinnamon Swirl
Butterfinger Baby
Chocolate Truffles

Pics will be up soon!!

Thanks for reading!


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