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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hayley Update!!


Hi Jo, I finally got the pictures of Hayley on my computer but now I'm having trouble emailing them. Most of them are just of him enjoying the good life in his paddock. We found that he got really "groupie" with those horses, so we've been turning him out by himself and will introduce new horses, that way he won't get too herd bound.

But for now, he's king of the hill in his huge paddock, he eats grass and watches over all the farm activities. He has settled down so much, it's simply unbelievable.

He was doing so well in his stall and grooming, I decided it was time for him to start working. I took him into the indoor a couple days ago with the intention of lounging him for about a week or so before riding him. Well I hand walked him in there for about 10 minutes so he could relax, he was quiet as a mouse.

Unfortunately, I learned that lounging was not his forte. He was already tacked up so I figured I had nothing to lose and just got on him. All we did was walk around, and he was so good. It was very windy out, but none of the sounds scared him at all. So I've just been riding him.

Eventually we started trotting, and with the nice weather, we can ride outside. Today it was beautiful out and so we were rode outside. He was so calm and relaxed that I thought we would take the plunge and canter. I was prepared for the worst...

Jo, I couldn't believe it, the minute I asked him to pick it up the canter he did it immediately, no fight or anything. He picked up the correct lead both times and had such a lovely canter, super smooth. I know he's out of shape, so we didn't do too much, but I was really impressed. Most race horses are a mess as the canter, it's just not really something they do at the track. He was super responsive to my aids, I couldn't be happier!

He looks healthy and sound and has become a favorite among everyone at the farm. He loves the attention! He still gives me some trouble going in his stall, but I think it's a combination of scary shadows and that he rather be outside eating grass.

Nothing too concerning. I need to touch up his mane, but I think he likes his new hair-do!

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