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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do you support the ban on horse slaughter?

Dear Horse Advocate:

As we all know, those individuals and organizations actually involved in the horse industry and the equine rescue and welfare community are in strong support of ANY federal legislation to end horse slaughter.

For years we have been building a list of organizations and leading horse owners who are opposed to horse slaughter and who support ALL efforts to end this terrible industry including passage of federal and state legislation. These are people and organizations who are directly involved with horses and in ensuring their welfare and protection.

In contrast, the pro-horse slaughter camp draws more on organizations that have no involvement in the horse industry. For example, why would Ringling Bros. have a say in supporting horse slaughter? This group is currently in federal court over charges of elephant abuse. Why would a poultry association care about ending horse slaughter? They do so simply because of their traditional and entrenched opposition to any animal welfare provision.

We want to add to the list of organizations opposed to horse slaughter and that support any and all efforts to ban this practice one and for all.

If you represent such an organization please send us an email ( with the following information and we will add you to the list of supporters in favor of any effort to end horse slaughter. Be sure to put “Please add us to the list opposing horse slaughter” in the subject line.

Name of organization

Your name and title


Telephone number



Are you or your group a member of any organization claiming to be pro-horse slaughter?

Short quote on horse slaughter

Hundreds of horse related organizations are already supporters of our efforts to end horse slaughter. Please add your group to the list and show you support for America’s horses. Help be part of the solution. Join us and the majority of Americans who are fighting to end this cruel and predatory industry.

Thanks, Chris

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