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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Laurie McDowell SLANDERS Angel Acres!

Angel Acres has been accused of taking a horse to New Holland by Laurie McDowell of McDowell Racing Stables located in Pimilico, Md.

There was recently a personal attack on me and Angel Acres on an AOL forum accusing us of sending one of our horses back to New Holland... this is absolutely UNTRUE and FALSE.

I would NEVER take a horse back to New Holland anyone that knows me knows this is an absolute LIE.

I WILL be contacting the racetrack concerning this matter and will be contacting the Angel Acres attorney to remedy this situation. This is not only an unfounded attack against Angel Acres and myself, but ultimately an attack against the horses we are trying to save and good rescues trying to do a good job.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly angry I am right now. I do not even know this woman, nor do I know why she would attack us...


Tedi said...

If she knew ANYTHING about you, she would know how untrue her accusations are.
Thanks 4 all you do!

Jo Deibel said...

Thanks Tedi!!

Li said...

Well thats just awful just awful! >:-(

Li said...

Me no is happy!